Union Looking Back for Jan. 6, 2012

Mass meeting at city hall Saturday afternoon enthusiastic for fair

A mass meeting was held at the city hall Saturday afternoon to consider the question of a county fair next fall and the putting on of a county exhibit at the state fair.

It was a bitter cold day and the attendance was not large, but the meeting was enthusiastic. F. E. Lurton was made chairman and D. O. Mecklenburg secretary. Sentiment was in favor of a fair and exhibit.

– 100 years ago, Jan. 10, 1912


Enjoyable choir party

The Congregational church honored its choir by an appropriate ceremony and program Wednesday evening, December 30th. The choir was seated at the table and after an opening song, Mrs. Oscar Gustafson, in the most fitting words, on behalf of the congregation, paid tribute to the choir and the two organists. Mrs. Beckum is the church organist and Mrs. W. H. LaPlant furnishes the music for the G. A. R. home services. Flowers were presented to the choir and the organists.

– 75 years ago, Jan. 6, 1937


Ice on lakes, rivers unsafe, patrol warns

Ice on Anoka county lakes and rivers is not safe for cars or people, the Anoka county sheriff’s water patrol warned today.

The water patrol issued this warning following a near disaster on Linwood lake Tuesday where a man and his two small sons narrowly espaced being trapped in their car before it plunged through the ice into 20 feet of water.

“The lakes are not safe at this time for auto transportation or any group walking on the ice,” Joe LaTuff, captain of the water patrol stated.

– 50 years ago, Jan. 5, 1962


Improving city parking lots is 1987 work plan objective

Improving existing city parking lots is one goal of the 1987 work plan for Anoka Parking Advisory Board, according to a report to City Council Monday.

The report states that city parking lots should be designed by visible, easy-to-read directional signs strategically located for the public to follow and city parking lots and on-street parking should be reviewed for design efficiency.

– 25 years ago, Jan. 9, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


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