Coon Rapids spending was less, revenue more in 2011

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

The city of Coon Rapids spent less than budgeted in 2011 and brought in more revenues than anticipated.

In a year-end budget report to the Coon Rapids City Council, Kevin Vouk, manager of accounting/treasurer, said that general fund expenditures were $701,805 under the 2011 budget, while general fund revenues were $606,640 higher than estimated.

The general fund pays for the day-to-day operations of the city.

According to Vouk, general fund expenditures in 2011 will total $23,987,590, which is 2.8 percent less than the amended budget of $24,689,395.

All departments, except public works ($134,400 over budget), have spent less than budgeted, including $228,400 in the city manager’s department, $129,100 in the fire department and $115,700 in the community development department.

“It is estimated that expenditures in the personal services category will be $18,857,948,” Vouk told council in his report.

“This is $597,205 under budget due to vacancies and fewer seasonal employee hours than budgeted.”

In addition, the other charges and services category was $83,700 under budget primarily due to less being spent than budgeted for utilities, travel and conferences, Vouk said.

However, spending in the supplies budget is $6,200 over budget because of higher costs for motor fuels and lubricants, he said.

According to Vouk, property tax revenues for 2011 were under estimates by $173,408 – $17,146,000 compared with the budget of $17,319,408.

But in all other areas, except for intergovernmental sources, revenues came in above expectations, especially charges for services (fees), which were $233,485 more than anticipated.

Business license fees were $122,929 higher than anticipated, while income from the utilities tax exceeded expectations by $144,540.

Noting the personal services spending was $597,000 under budget, City Manager Matt Fulton said that accounted for 70 percent of the budget.