Anoka street project impacts some Coon Rapids residents

by Peter Bodley

A planned city of Anoka street reconstruction project in 2012 will involve some Coon Rapids residents.

Anoka is proposing to reconstruct streets in the area adjacent to the Coon Rapids border south of Coon Rapids Boulevard, including Ninth Avenue from Oakwood Drive to 115th Avenue.

According to City Engineer Doug Vierzba, Ninth Avenue is a border street that provides access to Coon Rapids residents.

Coon Rapids will share in the street reconstruction costs and under city policy, benefiting properties within Coon Rapids will be assessed by the city, Vierzba said.

The Coon Rapids City Council has ordered the preparation of the feasibility report, a necessary pre-requisite to a public hearing being held on assessing the Coon Rapids properties.

“The city proposes to assess the properties that benefit from this project at the same rate as any other street reconstruction project within the city,” Vierzba said.

The street and right of way are within the city of Anoka, but several Coon Rapids homes front on the street and will be assessed.

A joint powers agreement which spells out the cost sharing between the two cities will be considered by both Anoka and Coon Rapids city councils in the near future, Vierzba said.