Mayor Ramsey proposes cuts to city administration

by Tammy Sakry
Staff Writer

With an eye to trimming the budget and paying municipal center debt, Ramsey Mayor Bob Ramsey is proposing to his fellow council members tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 10) that changes be made to city administration.

Mayor Bob Ramsey

Ramsey’s proposal, which is expected to be discussed during this evening’s city council meeting, would eliminate the deputy city administrator position, terminate the contract of current City Administrator Kurt Ulrich and hire the current deputy city administrator, Heidi Nelson, as the city administrator.

“It is purely an economic decision,” said Ramsey.

The city administrator makes $26,930 more a year than the deputy city administrator, he said.

By reducing the top heavy administration, the city can save the $101,651 by eliminating the deputy city administrator’s salary, Ramsey said.

Since he has been mayor, “we have cut 11 positions, but not from leadership,” he said.

It will help keep taxes in line and pay for the $1.5 million debt on the municipal center, Ramsey said.

After reading the city charter, Ramsey said he realized he was being derelict in his duties.

The charter says “the mayor shall study the operations of the city government and recommend desirable changes and improvements to the council,” he said.

In his three years as mayor, an evaluation of the city organization had not been done and it was his duty as mayor to review it and suggest ways to cut, according to Ramsey.

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  • Tim

    Hmmmmmmmmm…… Sounds like Heidi left a copy of the Charter on Ramsey’s Ipod to listen to on his way back to NODAK. Takes 3 years in a bad economy to read it? Why keep Heidi and not Kurt? A few bucks in the grand scheme of things or maybe Kurt has missed a couple of Rotary meetings and isn’t in the club anymore!