St. Francis ice rinks closed for season

by Tammy Sakry
Staff Writer

Although the calendar makes it clear its January, Mother Nature is clearly in the mind for spring.

And that has knocked out any chance for ice skating at the St. Francis municipal ice rink.

The St. Francis City Council Jan. 3 decided not to flood the rinks this year.

This year is an anomaly and if the city did get the rink up, there would only be good skating until February, said Councilmember Steve Kane.

“That’s a lot of money for only a month or less,” he said.

In February, the sun is so high in the sky and will tear apart the recreational rink ice quickly, said Public Works Director Paul Teicher.

In December, the council had approved a $12,000 contract with St. Francis Home Run Club to run the rink.

The club would have been responsible for the warming house, providing rink attendants, caring for the two rinks and facility.

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  • William Gardner

    It will be interesting to see if the City abides by it’s contract and pays the $12,000.00