G365 Fitness makes it easy to ‘commit to be fit’

by Sue Austreng
Staff Writer

Gently pressing his client’s forearm into ideal position as she grips the handle of the weight machine beside her, Scott Kratochvil urges Natasha Cardinal to flex and pull, keeping her posture uncompromised, her eyes fixed on the snow gently falling outside the window.

Positioned near free weights stacked in front of a wall-sized mirror at G365 Fitness, personal trainer Barb Lass works with Paige Heath. Along with teaching proper exercise techniques, G365 trainers educate clients on healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Moments later, after much repetition, the work out is completed and Kratochvil, G365 Fitness manager and personal trainer, greets arriving clients by name as Cardinal cools down before heading upstairs to do some cardio work.

Chatting with a visitor about the equipment and services offered at G365 Fitness, Kratochvil interjects a warm greeting and sincere smile as clients arrive at the fitness center.

That comfortable family atmosphere is part of what makes G365 Fitness work so well, the personal trainer said.

Not only that, Kratochvil and his training partners don’t just show clients how to use the state-of-the-art machines and equipment at G365 Fitness. They offer the latest tips on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. They educate people on how the body works, how fat burns, how muscles get stronger, how blood circulates, how joints move.

“We’re geared toward actually helping people out… We’re not worried about the dollar but about making sure the client is happy,” said Kratochvil.

And “making sure the client is happy” means creating a comfortable, welcoming environment – treating clients like family, Kratochvil said.

Sharing top spot on Kratochvil and his fellow G365 Fitness trainers’ priorities is education.

“We have a passion for health and fitness. We are elite trainers and we love to learn, love to share what we learn with our clients,” said Kratochvil, who’s been in fitness close to 20 years. His training partner, Barb Lass, also brings an extensive, knowledgeable training background to G365.

Ted Harrison, G365 Fitness business partner and licensed chiropractor/orthopedist at the adjacent North Suburban Healthcare office, shares Kratochvil’s passions.

“My passion is learning and treating. I love to learn – there’s always something new to learn and I love helping people,” Harrison said, relaxing on a leather couch inside G365 and adjacent to his North Suburban Healthcare office.

Investigating, researching and learning what’s on the healthcare cutting edge, Harrison applies that to his patients’ needs – and that includes referring patients to G365 Fitness for continued therapy and rehabilitation.

Personal trainer Scott Kratochvil works with Natasha Cardinal in the personal training studio at G365 Fitness. Trainers at the fitness center, open 24/7, pride themselves in providing specialized care, coaching clients to reach their full potential.

“You won’t find a better group of people,” Harrison said, gesturing toward Kratochvil and Lass in the G365 personal training studio, and describing countless ongoing conversations he and his healthcare partners have with the trainers.

“We talk about how we can help this person, how can we help that person… We get down to the specific needs of each person. It’s amazing the things they do here,” Harrison said.

Kratochvil calls G365 Fitness “the kind of place you can send your mom to, your grandma to – anyone – and you know they’ll get help.”

And he should know. Kratochvil has treated his own mother at G365, coaching her to complete recovery after multiple knee and hip surgeries over the years.

At G365 Fitness, clients can rehabilitate and recover after injury or surgery, but that’s not all. They can lose some weight, train for a marathon, tighten the core, grow stronger and start to feel better, emotionally and physically.

As described on the G365 Fitness website, “We recognize that every body is unique and everyone has different goals and motivational levels. We assess where you fit in this spectrum and we customize your workout and plans accordingly for maximum results.”

G365 Fitness is staffed with two full-time trainers, Kratochvil and Lass, and one part-time. Two additional part-time trainers are expected in the coming months and, said Kratochvil, “They each have a unique set of skills which will add even more to what we can give people,” he said.

“It’s such a variety, the arsenal of knowledge we have – between G365 and North Suburban Healthcare – we have so much to offer,” said Harrison.

As its name implies, G365 Fitness is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year-round. But personal training, accountability and achievement don’t only happen inside the fitness center.

Club OS, an online fitness and nutrition journal, allows direct, unlimited contact with G365 trainers. And it provides documentation of daily activity and food intake while calculating calories, fats, cholesterol, proteins and sugars consumed and expended.

“This is another way you can track activity and nutrition, stay accountable,” Kratochvil said. When clients see their progress, they are easily motivated to continue their newly-acquired lifestyle, he said.

“Results are the biggest motivator, and our clients see results… They enjoy it here, they see results and it’s fun to come in. So they keep coming back,” Kratochvil said. “We’re not a gym full of members that are never here. Our members are here because we help them learn how it works – and it works.”

To learn more about what happens at G365 Fitness, visit www.G365Fitness.com or call 763-571-9555.

Another way to become acquainted with G365 Fitness is to visit during one of its monthly open houses. The next is scheduled for Jan. 14.

G365 Fitness, formerly known as The Gym, is located at 8770 Springbrook Drive N.W., Coon Rapids.

Sue Austreng is at [email protected]

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