Pay frozen for county workers

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

Wages for non-union and appointed Anoka County employees have been frozen for 2012 by the Anoka County Board.

And the board’s action applies to the county commissioners themselves as well as to the two other Anoka County elected officials – the Anoka County Attorney and Anoka County Sheriff.

The salary of the Anoka County commissioners will remain at $59,945, while the salary of the county attorney will be $141,000 and that of the county sheriff $128,500.

Not only will non-union county workers, appointed division managers and department heads not receive a general wage adjustment in 2012, there will be no performance-based increase next year.

According to Melanie Ault, county human resources director, no merit pay dollars have been included in the 2012 county budget, which was approved by the county board earlier this month.

For 2011, some money for merit pay was factored into the county budget, Ault said.

In addition, the salary schedules of exempt and non-exempt employees won’t be adjusted upwards, a change from prior years, she said.

“The salary schedules for employees will stay as they are,” Ault said.

Mileage and other unreimbursed business-related county expenses incurred by county board members will be allowed in the amount maximum set back in 2004.

The expense allowance will be in addition to the commissioners’ 2012 salary and be treated as compensation except to the extent for which the money is spent and accounted for, according to the resolution approved unanimously by the county board.

The resolution also states that pay increases for union employees are governed by their collective bargaining agreements.