The Crazy Heart Band keeps local crowds entertained

by Kelly Johnson
Staff writer

Fun is at the center of The Crazy Heart Band.

The Crazy Heart Band, a classic cover variety band, includes Dale Hendrickson (left), Dave Pauling, Darrell Hyttinnen, Lori Ann Anderson and Kevin Kelm. Photo submitted

The five-member group has fun on stage, performing together and the audience has fun dancing and interacting with the band.

“We really have a certain style of music that has a fun mix,” said Lori Ann Anderson, who performs vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards for the group.

That style has Anderson describing The Crazy Heart Band as a classic cover variety band, playing everything from country to classic rock.

The band came together just over a year ago, in November 2010, as a result of a Craig’s List advertisement.

Anderson, a life-long musician who lives in Blaine, was looking to form a band that allowed her to once again have fun with music.

She had spent years doing music-related things, including singing in church and doing voice-over work. The end result of her efforts was that music had become more of a job than the fun outlet it had been.

“I wanted to have fun with music,” she said.

That same desire to have fun while performing on stage resulted in The Crazy Heart Band, a collection of musicians ranging in age from 35 to 60.

In addition to Anderson, the band includes Dale Hendrickson of St. Michael, who plays rhythm guitar, vocals and keyboard; Darrell Hyttinnen of Winsted, who plays drums and vocals; Kevin Kelm of Anoka, who plays bass guitar and vocals; and Dave Pauling of St. Michael, who plays lead guitar.

Mike Lundgren of Coon Rapids has recently played with the band on bass guitar as The Crazy Heart Band’s growing number of performances has made it difficult for Kelm, who also plays in other bands, to make all the gigs.

Anderson said the band has great chemistry and enjoys playing music together.

“They’re good people. They’re so easy going,” she said about her band mates. “The focus is to have a good time.”

Part of that comes from their personalities and part of that comes from the band’s song choices.

“Everything we do, we like,” Anderson said.

“That’s the stuff I grew up on.”

And the music is appealing to more than just the members of The Crazy Heart Band. Audiences are responding as well.

“People are just having a good time,” said Anderson.

“What I love is people are singing on the dance floor with me.”

The Crazy Heart Band has performed at the Hydrant Bar in Bethel, Sherm’s Bar in St. Bonifacious and the Green Mill Hampton Inn and Suites in Shoreview, in addition to regularly performing at River City Saloon in Anoka.

The Crazy Heart Band will perform Saturday, Jan. 21 and Saturday, Feb. 4 at 8:30 p.m. at River City Saloon, 201 Jackson St., suite 102, in Anoka. The band will also perform at an upcoming benefit for the St. Bonifacius Inn, which burned down earlier this year.

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