Union Looking Back for Jan. 20, 2012

Stearns wins

The Goodin-Stearns wrestling match at the city hall Saturday night was witnessed by 200 persons. The chief of police barred all boys under 18, as objections had been made to allowing them to be present.

The preliminary match between Schumacher and Earl Stearns was called at 8:30. Schumacher got both falls, the first in 15 minutes and the second in six.

– 100 years ago, Jan. 24, 1912


Commercial club is host at banquet

Last Wednesday evening the Anoka Commercial club held its first annual football banquet in the basement of the Congregational church. Among the guests were the football squad and coaching staff of the Anoka high school, Bernie Bierman, football coach at the University of Minnesota, and Bill Matheny and Bob Johnson, Anoka boys who have made good on the Minnesota team this past season.

– 75 years ago, Jan. 20, 1937


City hires engineer for new Rum river dam study

An independent hydraulics consulting engineer was hired by the city commission Monday for a preliminary reconnaissance study and report on the Rum river dam.

Douglas W. Barr, 204 Baker Building, Minneapolis, will recommend what type of dam would be best to replace the city’s century-old structure, if it should be constructed either on the same site or another location, determine the proper pool elevation and whether the present dame gate, built in 1916 could go into a new dam.

– 50 years ago, Jan. 19, 1962


Drawings ordered for Greenhaven

BWBR, Inc., Architects, St. Paul, was authorized to prepare architectural drawings for renovation and addition to Greenhaven clubhouse facilities on a split vote by Anoka City Council Tuesday.

The firm will incorporate into their initial drawings findings of a research firm, a renovation proposal and feasibility study, among other considerations.

– 25 years ago, Jan. 23, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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