Writer’s Block: Too many subjects to cover

by Tammy Sakry

Writer’s Block. Yep. I got it. When I heard I had the block this week I moaned.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have anything to write about, but personal issues from heart break, ill health, a broken garage door opener and a non-starting car (all since the first of the year) just do not put me in the mood to be linear in my thinking, much less my writing.

So this column will be just as fragmented as my mind and cover the numerous topics I considered and decided for one reason or another not to write a full columns on.

• Relationships – I think I have said enough.

• Numbers – We have so many numbers that identify us to the government, medical services and friends. When did we become just numbers.

• People are mean – this list was long, but given my current mood, I would have added myself to its ranks if I did a full column on the subject.

But here are a couple of them.

Anyone involved in the Anoka-Hennepin School District 11’s controversial topics curriculum policy discussion online or in letters to the editors.

We have had a lot of hurtful things written since this topic came up. As because we want to have all sides represented, we publish them.

On a personal note, a lot of them have been really mean. They hurt me to read them and I am a straight adult female. Growing up is tough enough. But to have someone say you are evil and going to hell because of your sexuality has to be crushing.

I don’t care what your views are. Just remember when you are on your soapbox, there are young people involved that are already finding life tough and may be suicidal.

For them, what you say can be the tipping point.

For those who think being gay is not natural, please don’t tell the animal kingdom, which has several same sex pairings (anyone hear about multiple cases of gay penguins).

Soldiers urinating on dead bodies. I know that war takes some of the humanity out of the combatants, but this was very disturbing.

U.S. soldiers should not be peeing on the dead. We are supposed to be better than our enemy. This is not only bad PR, it is a sad reflection of how people view others.

Have compassion and empathy for everyone, especially those you don’t like. It will make the world a better place.

• New Year’s resolutions – I had decided to get my diet and fitness issues under control. It worked for about four days. Why? See paragraph one.

Good news: I have lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the year and my tightest jeans go on without a fight.

Bad news: It’s not because of a controlled diet. I just can’t handle solid food well being sick. Maybe February will be a better time to start.

• Getting organized – I moved into the my house 18 months ago. While some areas have been organized, there some areas that need disparate attention, mainly the garage and craft room.

• Online dating – I’m not really ready for it, but I reactivated the profiles I had when I met my last boyfriend more than four years ago.

Already I have interest. Not necessarily good interest.

Note anyone using dating websites: read the profile to see if your interests match. If long-term relationship is listed, the woman is interested in more than a couple of hours.

• Facebook – I caved. I now have a Facebook page.

I have resisted for so long because I hate Facebook’s policy on copyright (if you post a photo, the company owns it).

I gave into peer pressure. Not really sure how often I will use it, but now I can say I have one.

For anyone looking for me on Facebook, I am listed under my SCA (Society for Anachronism) name.