Coon Rapids council makes appointments to its boards, commissions

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

The Coon Rapids City Council has made 2012 appointments and reappointments to its various advisory commissions and boards.

The appointments also included chairpersons and vice chairpersons in some cases.

Terms for all commission and board members are three years.

• Arts commission: Mary Ann Kehn and John Kocon were reappointed and Patty Sathre was appointed to a term to expire Dec. 31, 2014. Kehn was named chairperson and Charlie Pitts the vice chairperson.

• Board of Adjustment and Appeals: Gary Wessling was reappointed to the board and reappointed chairperson.

• Police and Fire Civil Service Commission: Bob Thistle was reappointed, while Al Hofstedt was named chairperson for 2012 as per state law that requires the commissioner with the expiring term to be chairperson for that year.

• Historical Commission: Tracy Ekberg and James Marsolais were reappointed, while Bob Powell was appointed chairperson and Marsolais vice chairperson.

• Planning Commission: Jennifer Geisler and Jonathan Lipinski were reappointed, while Zachary Stephenson was appointed to a three-year term. Stephenson, who was born and raised in Coon Rapids, is an attorney with the Faegre & Benson law firm. Donna Naeve was reappointed chairperson.

• Safety Commission: Wayne Baumgart, Bob Johnson, Maurice McKee and Rita Waxon were all reappointed.

• Sustainability Commission: Chris Backes was reappointed, while Stacee Demmer was named chairperson.

Some of the commissions still have vacancies – five on the arts commission, three on the historical commission and two on the sustainability commission.

Mayor Tim Howe and Councilmember Scott Schulte encouraged residents to seek appointments to these commissions by contacting the city clerk’s office at the Coon Rapids City Center.

These are great commissions who do good work for the city, according to Schulte.

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