Wheelchair hockey trailer stolen

by Jason Olson
Sports Editor

Minnesota PowerHockey League had its equipment trailer stolen for the second time in four years from its winter storage at Carburetion & Turbo Systems in Shakopee Jan. 25-26.

The Minnesota-based non-profit group recovered some of the missing equipment after it was dumped on a road outside Wayzata High School but much of it was damaged.

Wayzata High School staff recovered several items including padded boards, hockey sticks, hockey nets, jerseys, P.A. system, scoreboard and other miscellaneous equipment.

The white six-foot by 12-foot fully-enclosed, single axle trailer has a blue PowerHockey logo on each side and is valued at $3,000.

The current Minnesota PowerHockey season is scheduled to start April 28.

Anyone with information about the trailer or donations should contact Craig McClellan at (763) 535-4736 or [email protected]