Reconstruction of 133rd Avenue planned in 2012

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

The one-mile stretch of 133rd Avenue from Coon Creek to Hanson boulevards will be reconstructed this year.

This is a border street between the cities of Coon Rapids and Andover, with Andover handling the reconstruction project and Coon Rapids sharing in the cost.

The Coon Rapids City Council has ordered a feasibility study because Coon Rapids residents whose homes front on 133rd Avenue will pay a special assessment.

“The street surface is in poor condition,” said City Engineer Doug Vierzba.

According to Vierzba, Coon Rapids will assess the owners of the homes in the city that front on 133rd at $1,575 per lot.

That’s the same rate that the city will be assessing other residential properties Coon Rapids where streets will be upgraded this year, Vierzba said.

The road is a state aid street, so the balance of Coon Rapids’ project cost once the assessments are calculated will come from the city’s state aid street account.

Once the feasibility study is completed, the council will have a public hearing for benefiting property owners who will be assessed.

In addition, a joint powers agreement between the two cities detailing the project and cost sharing will be brought to the council for approval in a near future, Vierzba said.

  • Allen Lerold

    How on earth can Coon Rapids assess these homeowners? It’s not like they are wearing out the street. It’s everyone’s favorite shortcut. This is local politics at it’s worst. The council wants to spend money on pet projects, then make residents “feel the pain” for cuts in local government aid from the state.