Local Energy: Big game recipes

Kathy Gilleen of Coon Rapids: Super Bowl salad


12 ounces bow tie pasta, cooked

2 cups chopped cooked chicken

1 (6-ounce) pkg. dried cranberries

1/4 cup chopped green onion

1 (11-ounce) can mandarin oranges, drained and coarsely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste, optional

1/2 to 1 tsp. poppy seeds

1 (16-ounce) bottle honey-mustard salad dressing


Combine half of dressing with slightly cooled pasta. Gently mix pasta, chicken, cranberries, celery, onion, oranges and poppy seeds in a large bowl. Fold in remaining dressing until pasta is nicely moistened. Season with salt and pepper if needed. Serve chilled. Yield: six to eight generous servings. Notes: Use two (10-ounce) cans cooked chicken, drained and flaked. Very good. Other kinds of pasta may require less dressing.


Rose Nelson of Ham Lake: Venison summer sausage


2 lbs. ground deer no fat added

2 tbs. Morton’s tender quick salt

1 tsp. liquid smoke

1/2 tsp. course pepper

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. onion powder

3/4 tsp. mustard seed

1 cup water


Mix all the ingredients together. Put in an airtight container (not metal) and refrigerate 24 hours. Shape into two rolls approximately 12 inches long and bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. I use a cookie sheet with a lip or cake pan and bake the sausage on a cake or cookie rack to keep sausage from sitting in the grease. Cool then refrigerate or freeze. I have made it with ground goose but prefer the venison.


Eric Hagen of Ramsey: Taco spread


8 oz. cream cheese

8 oz. sour cream

1 pkg. taco seasoning

Shredded cheese

Diced tomatoes and lettuce


Mix cream cheese, sour cream and taco seasoning in a dish (I use a glass pie dish. Top with shredded cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and whatever other toppings you want such as black olives. Refrigerate


Eric Hagen of Ramsey: Vegetable pizza


1 pkg. crescent roll

2/3 cup mayonnaise

4 oz. cream cheese

1 1/2 tsp. dill weed

Chopped carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, radishes (whatever you want)


Press crescent roll onto small cookie sheet. Bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees. Blend mayo, cream cheese and dill weed. Spread on cooled crust. Top with variety of vegetables of your choice. Top with shredded cheese. I lightly press on top of it all to help hold all the ingredients together when you eat it.


Kathy Soucie of St. Francis: Imitation Crab Dip


9 oz. cream cheese

1/4 c. mayo

1-2 tbsp. ketchup (this is more for color than taste)

1/2 to 1 whole onion, rough chopped

Imitation crab meat, rough chopped


I use a stand mixer to mix everything. Mix cream cheese, mayo and ketchup until smooth. Add onion and crab meat, mix until incorporated. To firm dip up, cover and refrigerate for an hour or more.


Amy Leet of Coon Rapids: Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip


8 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 c. Louisiana-style hot sauce

1 c. ranch salad dressing

3 4-1/2 oz. cans chunk white chicken, drained and shredded

4 oz. shredded cheddar cheese

Corn or tortilla chips

Thinly sliced green onions, optional


In a small bowl, combine the cream cheese, hot pepper sauce and salad dressing. Stir in chicken. Spread into an ungreased 11-in. x 7-in. baking dish. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 20-22 minutes or until heated through. Sprinkle with green onions if desired. Serve with chips.


April May Conforti of Andover: Antipasto


24 oz. pepperoncini, drained

15 oz. garbanzo beans or chickpeas, rinsed and drained

2 c. halved fresh mushrooms

2 c. halved cherry tomatoes

1/2 lb. provolone cheese, cubed

6 oz. pitted ripe olives, drained

3 1/2 oz. sliced pepperoni

8 oz. Italian vinaigrette dressing

Lettuce leaves


In a large bowl, combine the peppers, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, olives and pepperoni. Pour vinaigrette over mixture; toss to coat. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Arrange on a lettuce-lined platter.