Pawn attempts lead to three men being charged in burglary cases

by Eric Hagen
Staff Writer

Three local residents have been arraigned in Anoka County District Court on felony burglary charges.

Cody Ray Stamnes, 2764 132nd Lane N.W., Coon Rapids, was charged with felony theft and receiving stolen property counts, while Ramsey residents Christopher Robert Bartlett and Dylan James Jensen, who both live at 5590 148th Lane N.W., were each charged with one felony count of receiving stolen property. All three are 18 years old.

Investigator Ben Rossum of the Ramsey Police Department said this was a complex case because there were two burglarized homes and the suspects sold the items at multiple pawn shops.

According to the criminal complaint, the Ramsey Police Department was notified on July 2, 2011 of a burglary at a Ramsey home. The homeowner claimed that three silver coins, a silver ring, a gold necklace, two gold bracelets and a large amount of change had been stolen from her residence. She suspected four men, which allegedly included Bartlett, Jensen and Stamnes.

The names of these men were given to local pawn shops. July 7, 2011, the Anoka Pawn America called police alleging that Bartlett, Jensen and a juvenile female were attempting to sell stolen jewelry.

Ramsey police responded and found these three at the store. They said two other men were just outside the store. One of them was Stamnes.

Rossum told the Anoka County Union that the suspects denied stealing anything other than silver coins from the Ramsey home. These coins were recovered, but none of the other alleged stolen property has been found, he said.

According to the complaint, Bartlett said in a post-Miranda statement that they were attempting to sell jewelry they stole from an Andover home July 7, 2011. He identified the home and the homeowner confirmed she had missing jewelry.

The 12 pieces of jewelry stolen from this Andover home were recovered, Rossum said.

According to the owner’s estimate, this jewelry had a value of $6,510.

Bartlett alleged in his statement that Stamnes and another man stole the jewelry from the Andover home.

Rossum said the other man was not charged because he pleaded guilty to another burglary case he was involved with in exchange for charges in this case being dropped.

Bartlett allegedly said he drove this man, Jensen and the juvenile female to the Andover residence to meet Stamnes, who was already at the residence.

Bartlett alleged he, Jensen and the juvenile female remained in the car while the other two entered the house. They came out about 10 minutes later and allegedly showed them several pieces of jewelry, saying they had stolen it from the home.

According to Bartlett’s statement, he drove to pawn shops in Anoka, Champlin and Coon Rapids with these four people in the vehicle to pawn the stolen items.

Bartlett alleged that Stamnes and the other man who was not charged asked Jensen to sell the jewelry at the Anoka Pawn America because they had both been refused for selling stolen property in the past.

Jensen gave a non-custodial statement to police in which he alleged Stamnes offered him two packs of cigarettes to sell the jewelry at Anoka Pawn America and he agreed even though he knew the property had been stolen.

Stamnes allegedly told police in a post-Miranda statement that he observed the other man (who was not charged) exiting the upstairs bedroom where the jewelry had been kept.

He alledgedly denied stealing any jewelry from the Andover home but admitted he attempted to sell the jewelry after they left and sold jewelry at pawn shops in Anoka on June 28 and June 29, 2011.

To help recover stolen jewerly, Rossum said it is a good idea to take pictures of it and be able to specifically identify it. Saying a gold necklace has been stolen is not specific enough, he said.

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