District 11 middle schoolers put to the spelling test

by Kelly Johnson
Staff Writer

Correctly spelling “linguistically” earned Philip Markose of Jackson Middle School top honors in the 2012 Anoka-Hennepin district middle school spelling bee.

The top three finishers in the 2012 Anoka-Hennepin district middle school spelling bee are Christian Toronto (left), second place, from Oak View Middle School; Philip Markose, first place, from Jackson Middle School; and Huy Tran, third place, from Roosevelt Middle School. Photo by Kelly Johnson

Markose outspelled 12 other district middle schoolers in the eighth round of the contest, held Jan. 25 at Anoka Middle School for the Arts, Fred Moore campus.

“It’s very nice,” Markose said about his honor

Markose’s dad and twin brother helped prepare him for the contest by quizzing the eighth-grader on spelling words, he said.

Second place in the contest was Christian Toronto, an Oak View Middle School eighth-grader. Huy Tran, a Roosevelt Middle School sixth-grader, took third place.

Through three rounds the middle schoolers, representing each of Anoka-Hennepin’s middle schools, spelled words like shamrock, Friday, mustard and dreadful correctly.

The first incorrect spelling came in the fourth round.

Contestants continued to be eliminated until the eighth round, when six expert spellers remained.

Markose was the only student to spell his word correctly, making him the champion.

Spelling continued for a ninth round to determine second and third places. Toronto was the only speller to correctly spell his word (expressionism) in the ninth round, giving him second-place honors.

Tran correctly spelled cornea round 10, the only speller to get his word right, making him the third-place finisher.

For his accurate spelling, Markose will compete in the metro regional spelling bee in March.

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