Union Looking Back for Feb. 10, 2012

Unique entertainment

Miss Beryl Austin entertained the young people of the First Baptist church St. Valentines even, at her house in Minneapolis. The invitations were red hearts, hand painted and written in old English. The rooms were beautiful in their decorations, which consisted of red roses, sweet scented carnations and hearts. The festoons of flowers combined with hearts were draped gracefully from picture to picture and twined around the chandeliers and were also suspended from the corners to the chandeliers.

– 100 years ago, Feb. 21, 1912


Car crashes into Witte drug store

Mrs. Oscar M. Olson, wife of Sheriff Olson, came mighty close to a serious accident Saturday night. Their car was parked near the corner and Sheriff Olson had turned the switch off and had it in second gear. It was cold, and Mrs. Olson turned on the switch. The car moved a little, and the engine started. It went directly toward the Witte store entrance, and broke one big pane in the entrance. Fortunately it didn’t strike the steel pillar on the corner.

Mrs. Olson was almost hysterical and no wonder. The damage is all covered by insurance.

– 75 years ago, Feb. 10, 1937


Anoka may join state on storm sewer design

Anoka agreed Monday to join the state in a cost-sharing storm sewer construction project for the city’s west side… with one provision.

Part of the state’s plan is to use the golf course pond as a water storage reservoir and run a 28 inch main to empty into the Rum river. The state has proposed to credit the city $9,000 for using the pond.

– 50 years ago, Feb. 9, 1962


Burns Social Club marks 65 years

Burns Neighborhood Social Club, formed on a winter day with a picnic lunch and bobsled ride, recently celebrated its 65th anniversary with a pot luck at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wirz.

“The event was spent comparing yesteryear with today,” said Lou Paulson, secretary-treasurer.

It was a cold, winter day Feb. 2, 1922 when a group of neighborhood women made a picnic lunch and rode on a bobsled to the home of Mrs. Maurice McCann.

– 25 years ago, Feb. 13, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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