Adams kids honored for academic excellence

by Sue Austreng
Staff Writer

During the past several weeks, Adams Elementary School, Coon Rapids, students cracked open books and logged minutes spent reading. As they turned pages, students earned prizes for their bookwormish ways.

Ethan Ness, Samantha Samborski, Lillian Schoenert and Ryenne Schroepfer pause on stage and show off their prized medallions. Photo by Sue Austreng

While they were reading, Adams K-5 students were no doubt “Growing With Knowledge So We Can Go to College” as the school’s academic excellence theme puts it.

Even while students tallied pages read, many of them responded with great enthusiasm to the school’s invitation to participate in the Adams Science Festival.

Those participants were instructed to conduct science experiments at home, put together a display about the experiment, bring it to school and answer judges’ questions about their experiment.

Students’ science projects were then placed on display for the Jan. 30 Adams’ Gallery Walk.

A conclusion could be drawn that, with much reading and many moments of scientific experimentation, those academic endeavors filled kids’ minds with inspiration while igniting passion for elevated education.

During the school’s Feb. 2 Celebration of Academic Excellence, Adams teachers draped coveted medals around the necks of students who reached established reading goals and those who participated in the school’s science festival.

“It’s very seldom you get a chance to come and celebrate academic successes. This is a great night,” said Adams Elementary School Principal Jeremy Tammi as parents and family members crowded the Coon Rapids High School auditorium where the second annual medallion ceremony was staged.

In all, 286 Adams students were awarded medallions.

“We take great pride at Adams Elementary in our focus on student learning, and this evening gives us an opportunity to celebrate student success in reading and science,” said Tammi.

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