Snowflake Days’ fun and games for seniors

by Sue Austreng
Staff Writer

A gathering of seniors made fun and games of Snowflake Days festivities when they enjoyed a leisurely morning of board game competition at the Coon Rapids Senior Center Jan. 31.

Five board game players circle the table for a game of Yahtzee. The players (clockwise from right, John Johnson, Arlene Cook, Mable Auch, Diane Strandberg and DeDe DeGrote) gathered Jan. 31 at the Coon Rapids Senior Center to chat and visit while playing board games during the Snowflake Games and Fun at the Senior Center event. Photo by Sue Austreng Click here to see more Snowflake Days photos.

The event, sponsored by Klein Bank of Coon Rapids, had about a dozen seniors making sport of games like Parcheesi and Plinko, Yahtzee and Scrabble.

Klein Bank hostesses filled a table with muffins and pastries, coffee and juice – treats sure to boost the energies of board game playing seniors.

And then, when game time came to a close, each participant was given a Klein Bank prize package stuffed with chocolates, Klein Bank contact information, and “the world’s best pizza cutter.”

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