Coon Rapids parking issue resolved

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

A long-running parking issue on 128th Avenue from Crooked Lake Boulevard to Coon Creek Boulevard in Coon Rapids has been resolved.

Back when 128th Avenue was built to state aid standards in 1989, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) mandated parking be prohibited on both sides.

According to Public Services Director Steve Gatlin, no parking signs have been removed – apparently by the neighborhood.

The city has put the signs back up restricting parking on both sides of the street, he said. That has prompted the residents to ask that the parking ban be limited to just one side of the street, Gatlin said.

City staff checked with MnDOT and found that the state aid standards requiring a parking ban on both sides of a street for a roadway 32 feet in width had been relaxed and parking was now restricted to just one side of a street, he said.

The Coon Rapids City Council has repealed the ordinance banning parking on both sides of 128th, now banning parking only on the south side of 128th.

“The issue has been discussed with the neighborhood and they would prefer to have parking restrictions imposed on the south side of 128th Avenue, the side with mailboxes,” Gatlin said.

According to Mayor Tim Howe, this issue has had a lengthy history and he was glad a solution had been found.

While 128th near Coon Creek Boulevard does not have homes fronting it, at the Crooked Lake Boulevard end of the road there are several homes on both sides of 128th, Howe said. With the total parking ban, it has been very difficult for those residents to find parking for guests, he said.