County awards building contracts

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

Contracts for two building projects at the Anoka County Government Center/Courthouse have been awarded by the Anoka County Board.

RAK Construction will do remodeling work in the Anoka County Attorney’s Office at a cost of $50,080, while three contractors will share the remodeling work for the judges chambers in the Anoka County Courthouse totaling $91,224.

RAK Construction will handle the electrical/fire detection, heating and air conditioning/mechanical and plumbing work, with North Metro Renovators doing the demolition/carpentry, wall covering/tile paint and flooring/carpet/tile and JHI Construction responsible for the suspended ceiling.

Both contract amounts were very close to the estimates, according to County Commissioner Matt Look, chairman of county board’s Finance and Capital Improvements Committee, which recommended the contract awards.

Funding for the work in the county attorney’s office will come from both the county building fund and the county attorney’s office budget, while the cost of the judges chamber work has been included in the 2012 county building fund budget.

The remodeling work in the county attorney’s office stems from requested security enhancements to its government center office, according to Andrew Dykstra, county director of facilities management and construction.

Because of the nature of its work prosecuting violent crimes, including domestic assaults and orders for protection, and drugs-related offenses, the Anoka County Attorney identified the need to secure the office because of the nature of its work, Dykstra said.

“The seventh-floor reception area will be secured with card reader doors and bullet proof glass for the receptionist,” he said.

A small meeting room on the secure side of the reception area will be added to the seventh-floor area, while bullet-proof glass will be added to the reception area on the sixth floor, Dykstra said.

“The sixth floor already has restricted access through the use of card reader doors,” he said.

The ACAO requested the bullet proof glass upgrade, which will be paid for out of the ACAO budget because “the county attorney feels very strongly about this need,” Dykstra said.

According to Dykstra, the judges chambers remodeling project will take place in courthouse space previously occupied by the 10th Judicial District Office that relocated to Ramsey in 2007.

“The current chambers space does not provide sufficient security or efficient work space,” Dykstra said.

With this remodeling project, court administration will be able to expand its square footage to use the vacated space for a secure signing chambers, he said.

The space to be renovated is some 1,300 square feet.

Work will include demolition of the existing walls, carpet removal and replacement, patching and painting the walls, tile as needed, installation of furniture fixtures and equipment with office furniture to be provided by the courts and mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

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