Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary donates blankets to veterans

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

Sixty-two tie fleece blankets have been made for and donated to veterans at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis by members of Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary.

Members of the Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary have made 62 tie fleece blankets for veterans in the VA Hospital in Minneapolis. Left to right: Nellie Lind, Reva Swanson (Department of Minnesota VFW Auxiliary hospital chairperson), Lucille Elrite, Mary Kaye Kath (Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary president), Phyllis Sigler (project chairperson), Diane Bohlman, Carol Dickhausen and Judy Roepke.

The blankets were turned over to Reva Swanson, Department of Minnesota VFW Auxiliary hospital chairperson, by auxiliary members Feb. 13 at the Coon Rapids VFW Post.

Swanson has delivered the fleece blankets to the hospital.

“The veterans love them,” Swanson said. “We can’t get enough of them.”

With an average of 250 veterans at the hospital at any one time, there is always a need, she said.

Members of the Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary spent one morning a week for the past two-and-a-half months making the blankets, according to Phyllis Sigler, Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary project chairperson.

“All the money for the fleece is donated and appreciated very much,” Sigler said.

Auxiliary members who worked on the project were Nellie Lind, Bernadette Staum, Harriet Anderson, Carol Dickhausen, Sue Kendrick, Judy Roepke, Lucille Elrite, Darlene Thell, Mary Kaye Kath, Diane Bohlman and Sigler.

“Thanks to all and a special thanks to Nellie Lind for her donations and help in shopping for fleece and in storing the blankets,” Sigler said.

“We all feel this is a rewarding project as we know the blankets go directly to the veterans.”

This is an ongoing project by members of the Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary and donations would be greatly appreciated, Sigler said.

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