The app for that –made at Anoka Tech

by Tammy Sakry
Staff Writer

There’s an app for that. Or is there?

Ever thought about creating an application for an Apple device, be it an iPhone, iPod or iPad, but did not know how. The Anoka Technical College has the solution.

It is now offering both credit and non-credit classes in mobile apps development.

Anoka Tech is the second institution in Minnesota offering the course, said Noel Lutsey, corporate center education enterprise manager.

With 25 iMac computers, which feature a 27-inch screen, Anoka Technical College is stepping up its technology programs by adding mobile app development courses. Photo by Tammy Sakry

The University of Minnesota was the first, he said.

Working with the college’s corporate center, the information technology (IT) department has been working for the last year to build programming around the new Apple products as well as other new technology.

“We believe this is a huge part of the future and we now have the ability to teach our students what mobile development is and how it effects every business out there,” said Lisa Hubbard, Anoka Tech IT department chairperson.

This spring the college will offer courses in its new Mac lab, which features 25 27-inch iMac computers, which opened in January.

Among the courses will be sessions on Adobe Photo Shop, iOS application developing, using iPads, Flash, Apple operating systems and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The mobile apps development course will start March 27.

The program covers applications for Android and Apple systems, said Hubbard.

With the dual boot computers in the new lab, instructors will be able to show students how the applications will appear on both systems at the same time, she said.

“We have partnered with Apple through the iOS Developer University program, which allows students to create apps and upload them up on the app store,” Hubbard said.

It also allows students to work on the back end piece of the Apple operating system and gives them access to a development kit, she said.

The new application program is also being integrated into the college’s other IT courses, including web development, software and programming, Hubbard said.

Other programs are also being developed, she said.

Anoka Tech offers traditional courses in networking, programming, game development, information systems analyst and web development degrees.

Students get a broad foundation of knowledge for the courses, Hubbard said.

Business application

The corporate center and IT department are also working on getting the business community involved.

“The challenge is getting the message out to our businesses… on how we can help them take their business to the next step,” Hubbard said.

This new IT program is not just about app development, it’s also teaching them about website operation and design, she said.

Hubbard said the new programs will help people build graphics as well as show how different applications work for mobile devices versus traditional computers.

Having this knowledge will allow business members to make adjustments to their websites to best serve them and the viewers of their websites, she said.

“We are excited to get to the businesses around here and be able to help them get to the next step,” Hubbard said.

Classes will be offered during the day, evening and weekends.

Classes can also be designed around what a company needs or developed on request, said Jamie Barthel, corporate center executive director.

Companies could explore the value of using iPhone and iPad technology and Smartphones, Hubbard said.

It is about learning how the technology will impact the business and make use of it, she said.


“We are looking for feedback from the community on what classes they want to see and what they want to learn,” Hubbard said.

Classes that could be in the works include introductory sessions to how to use iPads, Smartphones and Adobe Photo Shop and The Cloud.

For more information, go to Anoka Tech’s corporate center website,, or call Noel Lutsey at 763-576-4948.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]