Big eaters at Courtside in Anoka

Three Olympic-style eaters took on the ultimate challenge Feb. 24 at Courtside Bar & Grill in Anoka. In a test of man verus beef, the three local residents entered the decathalon of eating contests.

Colin O’Rourke (left), Luke Darnaudr and Jed Thompson took the 3-12 Challenge Feb. 24 at Courtside Bar & Grill in Anoka. Darnaudr was the only one to complete the challenge. Photo by Chuck Mowrey

It’s called the 3-12 Challenge and is held at Courtside. The contestants must devour five pounds of food in one half hour for bragging rights, a T-shirt, a $25 gift certificate and their photo on the Wall of Fame at Courtside.

An enthusiastic crowd witnessed Luke Darnaudr, an Army National Guard Reservist, complete the challenge. The other two entrants, Jed Thompson, and Colin O’Rourke, persevered until the end but weren’t quite able to down all the beef. Both said they had eaten sizable breakfasts and lunches that day.

A bucket of shame sat at the feet of the eaters, just in case. According to one witness, it came into use the last time the contest was held.

Darnaudr was able to put away:

• one Triple Guilty as Charged burger which includes three one-third pound patties, six slices of bacon, three slices of American cheese and three over easy eggs,

• one double burger of his choice,

• one single insanity burger with ground up habanero jalapeno peppers,

• one pound of fries and

• one pint of Goose Island 312 lager.

The contest was sponsored by Goose Island Beer and is available to any contestants.

Burgers are a Courtside specialty with over 15,000 served in 2011.

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