Hoover students jump to raise money for American Heart Association

by Sue Austreng
Staff Writer

Students at Hoover Elementary School, Coon Rapids, jumped to their hearts desire – and raised about $4,000 for the American Heart Association while they were at it.

With homemade hearts circling the gymnasium walls, jump ropes twirling and heads bobbing, Hoover Elementary School students Jump Rope for Heart Feb. 24. Photo by Sue Austreng

The annual Jump Rope for Heart event reached its crescendo at the school Feb. 24 when students in grades one through five filed into the gymnasium and then hopped, skipped and jumped over multi-colored ropes during the day-long jump-a-thon.

In the weeks before the Feb. 24 finale, students collected pledges, asking friends and family to offer support for the American Heart Association.

Also during that time, students collected heart healthy tips from gym teacher Carol Steinmetz.

Better diet and nutrition, better exercise and better heart-healthy knowledge was shared with students in the classroom, in the gymnasium and in the lunch room during Hoover’s Jump Rope for Heart event.

A cardiovascular/fitness unit was taught to grade one-five students during the school year’s first semester.

That unit includes lessons teaching students how to find their pulse and monitor their heart rates.

Also during that unit, Hoover students watched a CD from the American Heart Association in which they were introduced to an 11-year-old girl whose heart murmur eventually led to heart surgery.

“The students asked a lot of questions concerning her activity level now and were happy this girl could participate in everything she likes,” Steinmetz said.

“She reminds them to eat heart healthy.”

According to Steinmetz, last year Hoover students raised $6,000 during the Jump Rope for Heart event.

This year, students set a goal of raising $6,001, but at the close of the Feb. 24 jump-a-thon, only $4,000 had come in.

Of the total dollar amount collected by Hoover Elementary School students, third-grader William Rausch collected more than anyone else, bringing in $580.

“Our students have responded to Jump Rope for Heart with great enthusiasm. They are always excited to jump, raise money and give to the American Heart Association, which is such an important cause,” Steinmetz said.

“We have the best ‘heart heroes’ at Hoover, a very giving community.”

To learn more about the American Heart Association and the Jump Rope for Heart initiative, visit www.heart.org/jump.

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