New MaGillicuddy’s restaurant coming to downtown Anoka

by Mandy Moran Froemming
Union Editor

Anoka City Council has approved a Sunday and on-site liquor license for a new Anoka restaurant.

MaGillicuddy’s is scheduled to open March 1 at the corner of First Avenue and Jackson Street, just across the street from city hall.

Most recently the space had been occupied by barbecue restaurant Jake and Elwood’s. Historically, it is well known as the location of the former Del’s Pizza.

The liquor license for the new business was unanimously approved by the council. MaGillicuddy’s ownership did not apply for a late night liquor license, which allows establishments to serve liquor until 2 a.m.

Owner Ryan Wentz said he and business partner also have other restaurants in Bloomington and Oakdale.

The new Anoka restaurant will be focusing on Irish American fare and could perhaps occasionally feature some live music, he said.

Along with great rueben sandwiches, Wentz said he is working on the menu options, which will be low-priced.

“Anything Irish we’ll attempt to have it, with an American twist,” said Wentz.

He did address what has been a revolving door of restaurants on this busy corner.

“Hopefully we’re starting a business that lasts for years and years to come,” said Wentz. “We want to be a positive part of the community.”

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