Blaine man pleads guilty to two felonies after gun incident

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

A Blaine man, who faced six charges in Anoka County District Court following an incident involving a gun, has pleaded guilty to two of them, both felonies.

Shane Thomas Gervais, 30, 10811 Packard St. N.E., will be sentenced March 27 after entering guilty pleas Jan. 30 to two terroristic threats counts.

A third felony terroristic threats charge as well as one gross misdemeanor interference with a 911 call count and two misdemeanor assault charges will be dismissed at sentencing. No contact orders have been issued by the court.

The early morning hours of July 17, 2011 Blaine Police responded to the Packard Street residence where a woman, 39, reported that her live-in boyfriend, Gervais, became angry with one of three people who were visiting after the family had gone to bed in the basement – a man, 34, the man’s wife, 34, and their daughter, nine.

The woman said she and the wife, with whom Gervais was angry, went outside to talk and while arguing, Gervais pushed the wife to the ground, straddled her and yelled at her, prompting the girlfriend to run inside the house and call 911.

When she went back outside and told Gervais she had called police, he pushed her down, grabbing the phone and throwing it into the backyard.

The two women went back into the house, then the girlfriend told police that she heard Gervais go to an upstairs bedroom where she thought he was searching for a pistol and afraid he had retrieved the gun to kill her, she ran to the basement to warn the family before hiding in a bedroom closet.

The wife corroborated the girlfriend’s account of what happened outside, then after she had gone downstairs, Gervais came in the room where they were staying holding a handgun and she believed that Gervais was capable of shooting them and feared for their lives.

According to the complaint, once police arrived, Gervais unloaded the gun and placed it behind a black refrigerator in the basement, where police located the gun and loaded magazine.

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