Bachmann visits Ramsey VA clinic

by Tammy Sakry
Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. toured the new Ramsey Veterans Administration Community-based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) March 2.

During her first visit to the Ramsey Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann talked with staff and patients, including Virg Baune of Ramsey. Photo by Tammy Sakry

It was Bachmann’s first visit since the clinic opened in November 2011.

“The clinic has exceeded my expectations,” Bachmann said.

During her visit, the Sixth District congresswoman greeted and talked with veterans waiting for medical, dental, ophthalmologist and audiologist appointments.

While the plans for the clinic have always included comprehensive service to serve the large number of veterans in the area, that does not always happen, Bachmann said.

But during her visit she learned those plans all became a reality.

“The happiness quotient is very high here,” said Bachmann. People are very satisfied. The wonderful veterans who are coming here,  you can tell they are very happy to be able to come here.”

One veteran Bachmann visited with on Friday came from the northern Minnesota community of Silver Bay.

It is a long trip for the veteran, but worthwhile because of the things the Ramsey clinic can do in terms of dental work, Bachmann said.

“This is just a great answer to the needs of the veterans,” she said.

The clinic also offers a medical Skype facility that uses the miracle of technology to connect veterans with specialists at other locations, Bachmann said.

It was great for Bachmann to see what she was worked on all of these years, said Greg Hausker, Ramsey VA CBOC clinic director.

Since it opened last November, the clinic has served more than 1,500 veterans, at a rate of approximately 80 each day.

“This is the number one CBOC in the region and it will be the model for future clinics,” Bachmann said.

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  • Richard F. McEwen

    I agree that the new clinic was a very positive improvement of health care for the veterans. I was just disappointed that when I called to make an appointment with the new doctor that I was assigned to, that the earliest appointment I could get was May 31st. I called over a month ago and the earliest appointment was almost 4 months away. I have had to go to an outside doctor to get care for medical conditions that I currently have a disability for. I just am fortunate that I have the option. Many Vets have only the VA to get the care they need.

    I have been told that the VA has not been able to hire as many doctors as they needed to staff the clinic.