Coon Rapids mothers, daughters share in book club experience

by Kelly Johnson
Staff Writer

Coon Rapids mothers and daughters have a new way to bond through a shared love of reading.

Carli Martin (left) and Cassie Thomas share a smile while discussing a topic in “The Pink Locker Society” book. Photo by Kelly Johnson

The Coon Rapids Mother/Daughter Book Club provides a forum for mothers and daughters discuss the book of the month, often applying its themes and characters to the girls’ daily life.

Last week, its members were discussing the second book in “The Pink Locker Society” series.

In the books, four girls getting ready for middle school discover notes on their lockers, inviting them to the Pink Locker Society, which is held in a room whose doorway is hidden in the lockers. As part of the book, girls give advice to the four girls about topics from bras to menstruation to boys.

At the March 2 meeting to discuss the book, the girls were able to Skype with the author, asking her how she came up with the characters.

The April meeting will discuss “Trauma Queen” by Barbara Dee. A similar Skype interview is planned with Dee. The book is a choice selected by members of the club.

“The girls are able to explore the books they want,” said organizer Eleanor Thomas. “It’s not just a book that I’m going to pick out. We want to empower them as well.”

According to Thomas, the decision to start a book club came after she discovered there were no mother/daughter book clubs in the area.

The Coon Rapids Mother/Daughter Book Club is based on a model developed by author Cindy Hudson, who wrote “Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs.”

“I like doing things with my daughter,” Thomas said about Cassie, 10.

Thomas wanted to have an outlet to do things with her daughter and the book club fit the bill. It also is a way to improve her reading skills.

“The girls are surprisingly into it,” Thomas said.

“When we talk about the book, they light up.”

Both Cassie Thomas and Carli Martin, the first younger members of the club, describe their experiences as “good” and “fun.”

It’s something they both look forward to doing on a Friday night, they said.

December was the inaugural meeting of the club. Meetings take place the first Friday of the month from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Burger King, 13005 Riverdale Drive, Coon Rapids. April’s meeting will take place the second Friday of the month, however, due to Good Friday.

For more information about the group, contact Thomas at 763-443-0958 or [email protected] or Staci Martin at 763-269-9436 or [email protected]. The club also has a Facebook page at!/groups/342699415744019/.

Kelly Johnson is at [email protected]