Newest Coon Rapids firefighter sworn in

by Peter Bodley
Managing Editor

Justin McGee is the city of Coon Rapids’ newest career firefighter.

Justin McGee, Coon Rapids’ newest career firefighter, has his Coon Rapids Fire Department badge pinned on him by his mother, Pat McGee, as his father, Chuck McGee, looks on after he took the oath of office.

McGee took the firefighter’s oath of office from Mayor Tim Howe at the Feb. 21 Coon Rapids City Council meeting, which was followed by a badge pinning ceremony with his parents, Pat and Chuck McGee.

McGee is no stranger to Coon Rapids or the fire department.

According to Fire Chief John Piper, McGee is a lifelong Coon Rapids resident and a graduate of Coon Rapids High School.

He has been a paid-on call firefighter for the Coon Rapids Fire Department for the past eight years and has been a member of the North Metro Specialized Rescue Team (SRT) for over five years, Piper said.

In addition, McGee has worked for Goodyear for nine years and has been a mechanic at the Coon Rapids Goodyear the past three years, he said.

“He started by doing oil changes and tires and quickly learned how to do more and more complex work leading to the opportunity to work as a mechanic,” Piper said.

According to Piper, his firefighter education includes firefighter 1, firefighter 2 and emergency medical technician training as well as a fire science certificate from American Public Universities.

In addition to responding to emergencies, McGee’s duties as a firefighter are many, Piper said.

“As a firefighter, you are responsible to maintain your knowledge, skills and physical abilities,” he said.

“You are also responsible to provide quality service to our customers. It will be your duty to respond whenever called.”

According to Piper, the mission of the fire department is “to provide efficient services designed to protect and property from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions.

“We pursue this mission with determination and resolve, with emphasis on dedication, compassion and constant improvement.”

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