East Bethel man sentenced for threats

by Eric Hagen
Staff Writer

A 27-year-old East Bethel man was sentenced March 5 in Anoka County District Court to one month in jail for threatening his neighbor with a knife.

In a plea agreement in January, Cameron Miles Olson entered a guilty plea to a felony terroristic threats charge, while another felony charge of second-degree assault was dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint, Olson had first called police at 4:08 a.m. Aug. 21, 2011 to report that someone had assaulted him at his neighbor’s house. He apparently thought he had been invited to his neighbor’s bonfire party.

Olson did not look injured to the responding deputy from the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and Olson did not want to press charges, so the deputy left.

Less than one hour later, the neighbor called to report that Olson had put a knife to his throat, according to the complaint. The victim and witnesses told police that Olson had stumbled over and put a knife to his neighbor’s throat. The neighbor was apparently able to pull the knife away.

When the deputies went to speak with Olson, he put his hands up. He apparently was intoxicated and did not remember the events of the night well, according to the complaint. However, he did recall bringing the knife to scare the others at his neighbor’s house, but he did not remember holding the knife to anyone’s throat.

Olson was given credit for three days already served in the Anoka County Jail and was placed on five years probation.

Besides not getting in trouble again with the law for any assault or violent behavior issues, Olson cannot have contact with the victim. He must meet with a counselor. He cannot consume any alcohol, but must take prescribed medication. He must submit to random testing at his own expense to ensure he is not consuming any alcohol or illegal drugs. He cannot own or use any firearms or dangerous weapons and he must go through cognitive skills training.

Olson was also fined $135.

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