The Miller Brothers Band takes advantage of natural harmonies

Growing up the Miller boys were encouraged to play music together by their father and to practice by their mother.

The Miller Brothers Band includes Al, Steve and Tim Miller and Phil Berdahl. Submitted photo by Chelsey Miller
The Miller Brothers Band includes Al, Steve and Tim Miller and Phil Berdahl. Submitted photo by Chelsey Miller

Full band practices were common place in the family’s basement, first in Crystal and later in Brooklyn Park, Tim Miller recalls.

No longer in the basement, Tim and his older brothers Steve and Al, are playing throughout the area as the Miller Brothers Band.

Tim, who lives in Coon Rapids, is the youngest of the Miller brothers and is the band’s rhythm guitarist. Steve, the oldest brother in the band, lives in St. Anthony and plays lead guitar. Al, nestled between Steve and Tim in birth order, lives in Fridley and plays bass guitar.

Phil Berdahl, a high school classmate of Steve’s and a Shoreview resident, is the band’s drummer. He is a member of the Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 2010 as a member of Stillroven.

Al and Steve Miller have also been inducted in the Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for being part of the Del-Counts in 2006.

The band plays a variety of music, although Tim says “its roots are ‘50s and ‘60s with some contemporary.”

“It’s hard to lump it into one category,” he said.

The Miller Brothers Band started 11 years as a collaboration between the brothers, who had all previously played in other bands.

Prior to joining forces, the Miller brothers all played in different bands: Tim in Monark and Al and Steve in the Del-Counts.

“It just kind of came together,” Tim said about how the band formed.

The oldest Miller boy, Tony, was in the band at its inception. However, as Tony began to spend his winters in Arizona, he left the band and Berdahl joined in.

“It’s kind of a dream come true for me,” Tim said about the Miller Brothers Band.

That’s because Tim used to watch his older brothers play together in bands in high school and beyond, hoping to join them on stage.

The opportunity finally came and it’s been everything Tim hoped it would be and more.

“I love it,” he said about making music with his brothers.

Something the Miller brothers discovered early on is that their harmonies blend well together – a natural fit.

“The blend was something we hadn’t experienced before,” Tim said.

Beyond the harmonies, their personalities also mesh.

“We just enjoy each others’ company and love what we do,” Tim said.

“I feel very fortunate,” he said. “We sure have fun. We sure love what we do. It’s always a good time.”

The Miller Brothers Band plays regularly at the Crystal VFW as well as the Coon Rapids VFW. They will also take the stage this summer for St. Stephen’s Summerfest June 23 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

For more information about the Miller Brothers Band, contact Tim Miller at 763-843-6359 or [email protected].