Walmart eyeing former Pov’s site in Andover

A Walmart may be coming to Andover.

This is the Super Walmart in Elk River. Walmart is planning to build a Super Walmart on the former Pov’s Sports Bar and Grill site in Andover, which is across Bunker Lake Boulevard from Target. Photo by Kelly Johnson
This is the Super Walmart in Elk River. Walmart is planning to build a Super Walmart on the former Pov’s Sports Bar and Grill site in Andover, which is across Bunker Lake Boulevard from Target. Photo by Kelly Johnson

The city of Andover received an official application Tuesday afternoon (March 20) from the McCombs Frank Roos Associates, Inc. consulting firm on behalf of Walmart to build an approximately 150,000 square-foot store on the site of the former Pov’s Sports Bar and Grill, according to Community Development Director David Carlberg.

The site is located on the northwest corner of Bunker Lake Boulevard and Jay Street in the Andover Station North development area, just across the street from Target, Festival Foods and many other stores.

Carlberg said the public will get a chance to comment on Walmart’s proposal. The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on the plat proposal and any possible variances needed, possibly in May.

According to Carlberg, the site is just under 20 acres. A grocery area is included in the plans, but not a garden center. Other details about the plan, such as the number of parking spaces and whether any variances are needed, are still being reviewed.

What next?
•10-day Andover city staff review
•Review by Anoka County Highway Department, Coon Creek Watershed District, etc.
•Public hearing at Planning and Zoning Commission, possibly in May
•City council review of proposal after that

Carlberg said the city staff will review the application over the next 10 days to ensure the city has all the information it needs.

Assuming the application is complete, Carlberg said Anoka County, the Coon Creek Watershed District and other agencies will have an opportunity to review the proposal before the preliminary plat comes to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a public hearing, possibly in May. The Andover City Council would review the plat after this.

Pov’s closed in December after 17 years in business, and since then rumors have circulated that Walmart was buying the site. City staff publicly would not comment until an application came forward, but a couple of residents expressed their concerns during the open forum portion of council meetings.

Laurie Mount on Jan. 3 and Kathy Heltemes on March 6 asked the council to give residents a chance to speak about the project. They opposed the idea of having Walmart at the Pov’s site.

“Property values have already decreased in the city,” said Mount, whose house is not far away from the Pov’s site. “What will that inevitably do to what has been a quiet neighborhood?”

Mount had no issue with Pov’s, she said. In fact, she liked to sit outside her house and listen to the music during Pov’s annual outdoor summer concert, Mount said.

Mount’s concern about Walmart is the light pollution that could come from the site, she said.

“I think we have a nice city here,” Heltemes said. “We have good aesthetics. We have parks. We have a great community and I’d rather not see a Walmart built here.”

Although the city had not yet seen an application, councilmembers and City Administrator Jim Dickinson did offer some general feedback.

“We can’t look at things like, do we like this business, do we not like this business or what’s our perception,” Councilmember Julie Trude said. “We can focus on things we look at like lighting, traffic, safety, appearance to a certain degree because we do have landscaping requirements…”

According to Trude, the city’s lighting standards have become more strict since Andover Station was developed. The Andover YMCA/Community Center has the new lighting standards, which is more downcast lighting rather than lighting up the night sky, Trude said.

Not all residents are opposed to the idea of a Super Walmart. Stacey Groebner and Tammy Zawislak, who were walking outside together last week, said having a Super Walmart would provide more competition for Festival Foods, Target and Walgreens.

Groebner said she got her baby’s crib and mattress from Walmart and the store has a lot of good deals in the Sunday newspaper advertisement.

Zawislak does not like going to the closet Walmart in Coon Rapids off Round Lake Boulevard and Highway 10 because the store is older and the parking lot is difficult to navigate. She is happy to hear that a Walmart may be coming to the former Pov’s site.

“I’m a Target shopper, but it’s OK to have both,” she said.

Delinquent tax payments

A number of government entities will be receiving delinquent property tax and special assessment payments once Walmart and Pov’s owner Brad Povlitzki close on the sale of the property.

At the request of ABC Newspapers, Joan Flavin of the Anoka County Property Tax Department provided a breakdown of what the delinquent taxes comprised and who would receive what after the property sale closes.

According to county records, Pov’s had a delinquent tax and assessment amount totaling $418,230.87 as of March 15 . Pov’s was delinquent in 2009, 2010 and 2011 on property tax payments, an Andover special assessment for the Jay Street project and a county charge for the solid waste garbage hauling contract.

Pov’s paid $106,709.78 in 2009, but still was delinquent by $54,976.97. Pov’s did not pay any property taxes, special assessment or special charge bills in 2010 or 2011, according to property tax records provided by the county.

The government entities could see the delinquent tax revenue by late June or early July when the regular property tax revenue that would be paid by May 15 is distributed by the county, Flavin said.

Jay Street assessment

Andover would receive the most, but not because of property taxes. The city would get at least $210,433.86, according to county records. Of this amount, 88.64 percent of this is from the delinquent payment on the Jay Street assessment.

According to Dickinson, the Jay Street assessment first went on the tax roll in 2007 and included the new street, storm sewer improvements and lateral charges for water main and sanitary sewer. The total Pov’s assessment was $417,925.02, which was to be paid off within eight years. However, the city in 2011 amended the repayment period to 13 years.

Dickinson said the assessment charged to Povlitzki included $89,296.66 for the street, $118,306.21 for the water and sewer mains and sanitary sewer improvements for the commercial site and $210,322.15 for these utility and storm sewer improvements on the residential site. Povlitzki had property zoned residential adjacent to his commercial site.

In a late December 2011 interview, Povlitzki said he will be selling about 20 acres to Walmart, which includes an area of wetlands. He will hold on to about eight acres of land next to the site, which is zoned residential.

Povlitzki said he has been negotiating with Walmart since late 2009. Walmart contacted him after apparently talking with the city about potential redevelopment sites in Andover.

What others will receive

Anoka County would receive at least $30,504.98 in delinquent payments, including property taxes and the solid waste management charge.

The Anoka-Hennepin School District would receive at least $27,545.39 solely because of delinquent property tax payments.

Special taxing districts, such as the Metropolitan Council, the Anoka County Regional Rail Authority and the watershed district, would split at least $1,267.95.

The state would receive at least $50,553.73 from delinquent state general taxes and the state would receive at least $53,123.41 for fiscal disparities.

The amounts will be higher, but by how much would be determined at a later date. Flavin’s breakdown showed $44,771.52 in interest and penalty charges due to the property tax delinquencies in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

State law determines how these interest and penalty revenues are split between the taxing authorities and it varies year by year, she said.

Eric Hagen is at [email protected]

  • Lynn

    I like the idea of a super walmart but also they should keep the one in Coon rapids for a couple of reasons: 1) perfect location for some people, 2) there is no bus route to the store in Andover for the people that do not have other transportation to be able to use it.

    • kevin

      coon rapids wont work with walmart for a bigger store. so coon rapids will loose all that tax money .good for andover

  • Gary Dunn

    Absolutely the last thin Andover needs is a Walmart. Traffic around Bunker Lake Rd and Hanson Boulevard is already saturated. Bringing in Wally’s World would make it worse..

  • Joe

    Time to move. So residents get hammered with road assessments and POVs did not pay their tax bill. Way to go City of Andover.

  • George

    Just another step to destroy local business…Wal-Mart=low prices, low wages and just more junk imported from China. No Thank you!

    • kevin

      tell me who has only usa items for sale .

    • Josh

      By local business you mean Target right? Pretty sure they import.

      • Ann

        At least Target is a Minnesota based company and gives back alot to the community. We all want jobs but part time service jobs with no benefits are not going to solve the economic problems in America. Low prices are great but you have to ask yourself at what cost. It would be much better to promote the land use for light industry and professional offices.

        • Shawn

          In fairness Ann, the city already has professional office space available (to the south by the courtyards) and it is constantly vacant/for sale. There are lots adjacent to this piece that have been for sale for years now that light industry could buy….it’s not that Walmart is taking away space from those types of uses…there simply isn’t a demand for them.

          • Ann

            I did not hear any demand for more big box retail space in Andover either. If Wall-Mart goes in at least as a condition of receiving building permits the city should request Wall-Mart “donate” money for needed projects around town. Some that come to mind is doing the additional work on the outdoor skating rink, reinstating the pool at the middle school, fixing the tennis courts at the middle school – lets see Wal-Mart be a good neighbor and give money to the community to make it a better place.

        • Josh
          • Ann

            Decent article but I still would like to see the City request Walmart – as a condition of receiving a building permit, do some things for the community such as fixing some things the city and school system do not have the money to do. I think it is a shame we have a non functioning pool at the middle school.

    • Alison

      I agree. Their business practices are horrible and I wouldn’t want to spend my money supported them. The low prices come about from paying people in China extremely low wages in the factories. Also, Wal-Mart employees are paid very low wages but charges a lot of money for health care -basically most cannot afford it so then they are encourages to get help from the State to make ends meet. Watch the Documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices”. I am also upset about the small businesses in the area. I am only one person and cannot support all of them. I will continue to go to Target -which is a large company — but at least that company treats their employees well. They price match on advertised items too.

      • Alison

        sorry for the typos on my comment, apparently I need more coffee!

    • Alison


  • Ann

    I agree the last thing we need is a Walmart in Andover. What kind of community do we want to be?

    • kevin

      a growing one with jobs and tax money to fix roads and other things .

      • Ann

        What will that mean for Target and Festival Foods, the Andover Target is hardly ever busy as it is.

    • Josh

      What kind of communities are the communities that have Wal-Mart? I don’t understand the comment.

      • Ann

        Haven’t you ever watched the people of Walmart on youtube.

        • Josh

          So based on a preconception of the clientele? So you are saying a certain type of person will be attracted to an Andover Wal-Mart and you don’t want them in Andover? Aren’t these folks already in and around Andover? Truth is you are basing it on a comedic website based on a small sampling of Wal-Mart customer. Plus you think there is a “Wal-Mart stigma” that Andover will have.

          • Ann

            You summed it up perfectly.

          • Maddi

            Really lady you really have me going walmart does not attract a certain type of people at all and to be frank you are so full of your self you are no better then any one else that has been put on this earth people like you give the rest of us a bad name if you think so highly of your self move to London or england where over there everyone think highly of them selves… And if you didn’t notice from the article the schools in Andover will get a damn good hunk of money and walmart will pay there taxes unlike povs did witch means the school will get money every year as to where they have suffered to the lack of payment for the last 3 years and walmart may have to pay either some or all of the back taxes owed and if I had to guess I would say anoka county and the city of Andover will determine who pays what and how much… And walmart holds regular food drives and toys for tots so you can’t talk that badly of them… Not to mention a bigger walmart means more people they need to work witch makes more jobs for people who are getting laid off from there jobs and you know the pay may not be good but they do offer benefits even to part time employees… So as far as I can see you have now right smashing walmart and i know many people that work at the coon rapids location so I am in there all the time shopping I have never seen the certain type of people you are talking about and about the only people I can think of that you think are so bad are the special needs people and if that’s the case walmart employees people with special needs its called fair employment.

        • Cathy

          According to a friend of mine who works for the sheriff’s office, Povs was attracting a much less desirable clientele on certain nights of the week than Walmart will. I am opposed to having the Walmart built, but the “type” of customers Walmart has is a horrible reason to give! I don’t want it because of the traffic congestion it will cause in my neighborhood.

          • Ann

            Maddi, London is in England. Just thought I would point that out.

          • Ann

            The “type” of people was suppose to be humorous. I never went to POVs but I am sure you are right about the clientele. I am always surprised at how many DUIs are reported in Andover. Congestion on Hanson is already bad during the commute times and I am sure this will make it a bit worse.

  • Tim

    Are you kidding me, a Wal mart? Can our home values and moral values get any lower?

    • kevin

      your house would be worth more

      • kevin

        whats your house worth with all empty buildings?

        • Ann

          Since POV was not contributing to the tax base and frankly a bar probably is detriment to home value, his house is probably worth the same or even more since POV closed. A house next to a huge box store would not be high on many people’s list for resale value.

          • Maddi

            See that where your wrong again.. I live over by riverdale and i moved into my house before riverdale was built up about the only that was built when I moved in was homdepo and since then the value of my house has gone up.

    • Josh

      Moral values? Hilarious.

  • Tim

    Povs didnt pay their tax bill? Big surprise
    Place a lien on the owner’s HUGE house on corner of Bunker and Jefferson.

  • kevin

    this is a great deal more jobs . who wouldent want more jobs ?

    • Josh

      Those that have no perspective.

      • Ann

        We all have perspective just because it is different than yours does not mean it does not exist. You evidently want low wage part time jobs with no benfits for Andover. I want something more for the community I live in.

        • Josh

          Vote with your dollars. Don’t spend your money there and don’t get a job there. Let the market work.

          When they approve it work to vote the people in city government out.

          • Ann

            I don’t and won’t shop at Wall-mart. I am sure our city officials will follow code as well as complete a thorough environmental assessment that will be available for public comment. I would have preferred that this space not be developed as retail no matter what the box store du jour would be. Long range economic planning for the community should be focused on light industrial with a mix of office space.

          • Shawn

            OR Ann could actively contribute by building some light industrial enterprise or office space and provide solutions instead of complaining about how other people are investing in our city.

  • steve

    Hey…The good thing is we may see a whole new group of Wal-Martians come out….NO THANKS!

    • kevin

      yes and they live right next to you .lol

  • Ann

    It is a good thing Wal-mart does food drives and toys for tots because looks like their own employees need that assistance.

  • timmy

    It sounds as though Josh, Kevin and Shawn all work for Wal-Mart or the city. You make it seem this is the best thing to happen to Andover in a very long time. We’re not buying what you’re selling.

    • Josh

      Those mentioned above believe in freedom, the market and choice. Or basically the things that once made this country great.

      • Shawn

        “Better to be silent and thought a fool than speak up and remove all doubt” Lincoln. I neither work for Walmart or the city. Truth be told, I’d prefer a Walmart doesn’t come to Andover, but as a small business owner myself I value the exact same things Josh mentioned above.

  • Heather

    Is it for sure it will be a walmart and not a Sams club? I know they are not planning on shutting down the other walmart and walmart also owns sams.
    It just makes sense that it would be a sams not walmart.

  • Jan

    why can’t we have a Trader Joe’s and keep the neighborhood upscale?

  • Jana

    I don’t think it would be a good idea. Andover is a quiet area. The walmart thats in Coon Rapids really isn’t all that far from the POV’s site, and already gives the food places such as Rainbow, Festival enough competition. I like shopping at wal mart just like everyone else does, or even target, but I don’t think they need another store so close to the other, nor in an area that is quiet and not lit like a stadium on a friday night.