Anoka County lays out road upgrades for 2012

Anoka County plans to overlay close to 24 miles of its roads this year.

The Anoka County Board’s Public Works Committee has authorized bids under one contract on 16 bituminous projects, one of largest overlay jobs in county history.

According to County Highway Engineer Doug Fischer, the estimated cost of the work is over $9 million, all of which will be paid for from the road and bridge tax levy.

“This is a huge project and we are very excited about it,” Fischer said.

This program is part of the county’s efforts to keep its roads in safe driving condition, he said.

Bids will be opened April 4 and considered by the county board at either its April 10 or 24 meetings.

Construction will start at either the end of April or beginning of May, Fischer said.

Work on the roads that have schools located on them will be completed before Labor Day, he said.

Three types of overlay projects will be done.

One is a straight overlay of the existing bituminous surface, according to Fischer.

The second is a mill and overlay, in which the top two inches of the existing surface is removed and two inches of fresh bituminous put on the roadway to replace it, Fischer said.

In this case, the asphalt that is removed is recycled to create new asphalt, he said.

The third option is the most extensive – reclaim and overlay, in which all of the existing road is ground up and becomes the base for the new bituminous surface, Fischer said.

The 16 projects planned this year:

• CSAH 1 (East River Road), I-694 to Charles Street, Fridley, mill and overlay.

• CSAH 2 (Reservoir Boulevard), 40th Avenue to Ramsey County line, Columbia Heights, mill and overlay.

• CSAH 7 (Seventh Avenue), Main Street to Highway 10, Anoka, mill and overlay.

• CSAH 11 (Foley Boulevard), Coon Rapids Boulevard to Highway 10, Coon Rapids, mill and overlay.

• CSAH 14 (Main Street), Fourth to east school entrance, Lino Lake, reclaim and overlay.

• County Road 16 (Andover Boulevard), Hanson Boulevard east to University Avenue, Andover, overlay.

• CSAH 20 (161st Avenue), Hanson to Crosstown boulevards, Andover, reclaim and overlay.

• CSAH 21 (Centerville Road), Ramsey County line to CSAH 34 (Birch Street), Lino Lakes, reclaim and overlay.

• CSAH 22 (Viking Boulevard), each of County Road 75 to the Washington County line, Linwood Township, reclaim and overlay.

• CSAH 24 (Norris Lake Road), County Road 66 to TH 47, Nowthen and Oak Grove, overlay.

• CSAH 34 (Birch Street), CSAH 21 to CSAH 54, Lino Lake, overlay.

• County Road 53 (Sunset Avenue), Main Street to 500 feet south of old County Road 153 (Lilac Street), Blaine and Lino Lakes, overlay.

• CSAH 62 (Kettle River Boulevard), Lake Drive to CSAH 18, Columbus, reclaim and overlay.

• County Road 66 (Cleary Road), Viking Boulevard to 4,920 feet south of Norris Lake, Nowthen, reclaim and overlay.

• CSAH 78 (Hanson Boulevard), 154th to south of CSAH 20, Andover.

• CSAH 85 (Typo Creek Drive), Viking Boulevard to County Road 76, Linwood Township.

In addition, to the bituminous overlay projects, the county, under separate contract, is planning to do a concrete (whitetopping) upgrade this summer to the portion of Viking Boulevard from Highway 65 to Vickers Street in East Bethel.

According to Fischer, the two-mile segment will remain a two-lane highway, but there will be some widening done to provide shoulders and turn lanes.

“The current surface is horrible,” Fischer said.

The estimated cost of $2.5 million will come partially from county state aid dollars and bonding, he said.

In 2011, the county used the whitetopping approach to overlay a three-mile stretch of Viking Boulevard in Nowthen and it was very successful, Fischer said.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]