Oak Grove approves agreement to swap roads with Anoka County

The Oak Grove City Council has approved a joint powers agreement with Anoka County which will result in changes in the designations and ownership of some roads in the city.

Under the agreement, which was unanimously approved last week by the council, Anoka County will designate County Road 58 as a county state aid highway and the county will turn a portion of County Road 67 back to the city.

Both actions have municipal state aid and county state aid implications, which is why the city and county must enter into the agreement.

Anoka County officials had originally requested that Oak Grove allow it to designate County Road 58 as a county state aid highway in 2005 and again in 2009. Both time the Oak Grove City Council denied the request.

Andover and Ham Lake city councils have previously approved allowing the county to designate County Road 58 in those cities as a county state aid highway.

Recently, city staff became aware that the county was seeking special legislation to allow it to make the designation without city approval. Discussions began between the county and city regarding County Road 58 and the turnback to the city of County Road 67 (Cedar Drive), from County Road 58 to CSAH 22, which was in the county’s 2030 plan.

Under the joint power agreement, the city will receive an annual cash payment for 10 years of $15,000 from the county for the turnback of County Road 67. The county will replace traffic signs on the turnback segment in 2012 and will include the turnback segment in its 2012 and 2013 striping plans. The turnback segment will also be included in the county’s 2013 crack filling plans.

These contributions from the county are thought to be somewhat equal to the value of what the county would have needed to spend if the turnback segment was actually upgraded. The county did a overlay on the road in recent years.

According to City Engineer Brian Miller, the road has a pretty good bituminous layer right now and he anticipates the road will be serviceable for the next 10 to 15 years.

“This road’s in better shape than most of our municipal state aid routes,” he said.

Because of the CSAH designation on County Road 58, Oak Grove will lose approximately 1.5 miles of local streets in its municipal state aid (MSA) fund. This is part of the mileage used to calculate the city’s total MSA mileage, which means the city will lose $5,072 in its annual MSA allotment.

But because of the turnback of the segment of County Road 67, Oak Grove will see an increase in its MSA allotment. During the first 10 years, the city anticipates it will receive an additional $36,132 annually.

While the city will be receiving more in MSA funds, it will also incur additional maintenance costs for the road, estimated at about $5,000 per year.

Public Works Director Tim Smith estimates that one culvert will need to be replaced within the first five years, at an estimated cost of $5,000 for the culvert materials and the bituminous patching of the street.

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