Hopkins group gets OK for pull tab booth in Anoka

The Hopkins Raspberry Festival has been given the green light to operate a pull tab booth at MaGillicuddy’s, a new Anoka bar and restaurant at 2016 First Ave.

The Anoka City Council had to give special approval for the Hopkins group to operate charitable gambling, because it is an out-of-town organization.

Anoka’s rules state that first preference for charitable gambling organizations must be given to non-profits which have its office in Anoka. Next, organizations within the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce district would be considered.

Outside groups can only operate by special permission of the council.

According to City Manager Tim Cruikshank, the city notified a number of Anoka non-profits to see if any were interested in taking the spot at MaGillicuddy’s.

City Clerk Amy Oehlers spoke specifically with two local organizations. Neither pursued operating the pull tab booth.

Sue Normandin, charitable gambling manager for the Hopkins Raspberry Festival, attended the March 19 meeting where she spoke with the council.

Normandin operates a pull tab booth at a Hopkins bar and restaurant under the same ownership as MaGillicuddy’s, which is how she found out about the Anoka opportunity.

In the last year, the festival has lost four of its charitable gambling sites, said Normandin.

“So this gives us an opportunity to expand and help our organization and others as well,” she said.

Charities are required to spend 50 percent of revenues generated from the pull tab booths in Anoka.

“We would love to be able to donate, not just to one organization, but as many as we can,” said Normandin.

Councilmember Jeff Weaver said he hoped the pull tab booth at MaGillicuddy’s would be successful for the festival and the city of Anoka.

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]