Blaine Park Board recommends Eagle Scout project

The Blaine Park Board is highly supportive and appreciative of another Eagle Scout working with the city to build an extensive service project in a city park.

Eagle Scout David Reis wants to build a 12 by 20 foot wood picnic shelter with pitched shingled roof and concrete floor at the 8.2 acre Jefferson Park.

Jim Kappelhoff, park and recreation director, presented the park improvement recommendation to the Blaine Park Board March 27.

Kappelhoff said the shelter would be located between the park’s multi-use court and playground area.

Reis’ plans and specifications are being approved by the city’s building inspection department.

If the project is later approved by the Blaine City Council, structural inspections will be required during construction, he said.

“The location should be adequate, because it provides access from the parking lot to the playground and would offer a nice shaded area,” Kappelhoff said.

According to Kappelhoff, Reis’ Eagle Scout project is similar to another shelter that was completed in Ivy Hills Park, a 5.5 acre park at 12197 Fergus St.

Kappelhoff showed park commissioners a park site plan when reviewing the project. He said Blaine public works will need to check soil conditions at the site.

“They will do that for this particular project,” he said. “If soil correction is needed, they can put some fabric down underneath the concrete to hold it together.”

Jerry Walthour, Blaine Park Board chairman at large, asked Kappelhoff about project cost, if Reis would be getting help with the project and a possible trail.

“I’ll answer the trail question,” Kappelhoff said. “Certainly, a trail could be placed leading up to that structure. We could come off the trail to the east or we could come down and around the playground from the north. That’s something that’s not out of the question. Mr. Reis can answer the other two questions.”

Reis lives several blocks away from Jefferson Park. He said the project would cost about $1,400. He’s already raised about half the project amount, or $859.

“I won’t ask the city or the park board for any money,” he said. “I feel it’s important for local companies and organizations to help create parks and shelters.”

Commissioner Jeffery Bird thanked Reis for proposing the picnic shelter. “I look forward to seeing this project move forward,” he said and asked Reis if he had lined up any help.

Reis said numerous friends and other Scouts would help build the project as well as others who could help with the concrete flooring for the shelter.

Walthour said park board members would be more than willing to donate time to help build the project. “We are more than willing to work with you,” he said.

Reis said he plans to complete fund-raising within the next two to four weeks and start work on the project in early May. The shelter would finished in June.

“We appreciate you presenting this to us,” Walthour said. “At this point, I hope it moves forward quickly.”

Commissioners unanimously accept the park project proposal.

Tim Hennagir is at [email protected]