Reinhardt receives GOP endorsement for House District 36B

Republicans from southwest Coon Rapids and northern Brooklyn Park officially endorsed Andrew Reinhardt as their 2012 candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives in the newly drawn House District 36B March 17.

Andrew Reinhardt
Andrew Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a public relations professional and Gulf War veteran who served over nine years in the U.S. Navy and the Minnesota Army National Guard.

Last summer he received the Mayor’s Good Citizenship Award and key to the city of Brooklyn Park for years of community service.

“I’m excited to move forward and offer voters a clear choice for freedom, suburban values and getting Minnesota to work,” said Reinhardt.

“For years this area had been dominated by one party and not coincidentally, they were years of significant decline.

“In 2010, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids finally elected a Republican State Senator in District 47 and voters flipped the Anoka County Board to a conservative majority, and we are already seeing significant positive results.

“This November, we can join prosperous nearby suburbs like Maple Grove and Rogers who have full GOP House and Senate Representation.

“That’s the main safeguard to protect suburbs from continually being abused as an ATM to fund inner-city projects and expensive toys like light rail lines and stadiums.

“I will work to protect the homes, values and wallets of my constituents, not sell them out to the Minneapolis and St. Paul establishment.”

A special redistricting panel appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court created House District 36B out of most of the previous House District 47B represented by DFL Rep. Melissa Hortman.

According to Reinhardt, more than any other legislator, Hortman has made her own case for being fired in November.

“Her original election slogan was ‘it’s time to get the job done’ and she constantly claims to be bi-partisan, but the fact is that she’s been part of two state government shutdowns in seven years, after zero in 148 years before she arrived in St. Paul,” Reinhardt said.

“She is clearly part of the problem, not part of the solution.

“She’s supported a sales tax increase, a gas tax increase, income tax increases and even authored a bill to start taxing clothing.

“Even what she claims to be her major accomplishments are seriously flawed, as Northstar Commuter Rail has turned out to be a colossal failure and Highway 610 was only extended due to federal Obama debt money, not out of responsible priority spending.

“It’s time for responsible and accountable leadership.”

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