Letters to the editor for April 6, 2012


Gambling bad policy


To the Editor:


I would like to thank the Legislature for not passing racino out of committee.


Time and time again government expansion of gambling in brought before the Legislature, and time and time again it gets defeated.


I think the Legislature understands that it’s bad policy to rely on gambling expansion to finance the Vikings stadium or fund programs.


Although we’re likely to see the issue of government expanding gambling come up again, I just hope that we can get through the rest of session without having to debate this issue again.


David Unterburger
Ham Lake




Thanks to Unity staff


To the Editor:


At 3 a.m. Friday morning, I was taken with very severe left chest pain to Unity Hospital in Fridley. The staff did an outstanding job of taking care of me. Hats off to emergency staff. The kept me overnight to find out if it was my heart or my lungs! I have a chronic C.O.P.D. problem.


Hats off to Dr. McLaughlin, nurse Nichole and Greg, pulminary technician.


Unity is a great place to go when expert help is needed. Thanks to all.
Bill Driscoll
St. Paul

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