Union Looking Back for April 6, 2012

A wonderful exhibition

Plans have been consummated whereby Anoka is to see some of America’s finest masterpieces in Painting, Sculpture, Architecture and handicraft. This exhibit is to be sent by the State Art Society and will be in Anoka one week, opening May 13th continuing to May 19th, 1912.

The Minnesota State Arts Society has completed plans which promise to make the forthcoming exhibition of art, to be held this spring in St. Paul, Duluth, Anoka and Stillwater, unusually attractive and broad in its scope.

– 100 years ago, April 10, 1912


Dog’s life is barely saved by firemen

Believe it or not, firemen made heroic efforts to save a dog’s life on Monday. The animal, a valuable dog owned by Oscar Oslund, broke through the rotten ice near the railroad bridges. Brakeman Charles Nodes on the G. N. Milaca train saw the dog almost ready to give up and when the train reached the depot he telephoned the fire department. The siren screeched, and the big truck roared to the bridge. A ladder was put on the ice and Driver Joe Ridge and Leslie Russell went out on it to reach the dog. The ladder went through, plunging both men into the deep water. They had a rope and managed to contact men on shore and were rescued.

– 75 years ago, April 7, 1937


Present site for dam ‘good’ commission told

The city’s reconnaissance survey study of Anoka’s 100-year-old Rum river dam is “coming along satisfactorily,” Engineer Douglas Barr told the City Commission Monday.

Barr was hired recently for the study of the present dam and the feasibility of replacing the oft-patched structure with a new dam.

The hydraulic portion of this initial phase is completed, he said.

– 50 years ago, April 6, 1962


Seventh grade inventions to be displayed

Jeremy Coe, a seventh grade life science student at Fred Moore Junior High, is always on the run. With hockey and school, and his dad being a hockey coach, it seemed to Jeremy they were always eating supper in the car, juggling sandwiches, pop and what else. There had to be a better way.

– 25 years ago, April 10, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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