Life Looking Back for April 6, 2012

Wongs plan restaurant and lounge in Blaine

A hearing related to the application for a private on-sale liquor license for “Madame Wong’s” (the former Johnsville liquor outlet) was held Tuesday, March 21, by Blaine City Council. No objections were heard to the requested licensing which will be acted upon at the next regular council meeting, April 6.

The Wongs plan an extensive remodeling of the former municipal liquor facility, stressing the lounge will remain open during the revamping. A modern Oriental decor is planned at the present time, with more expansive remodeling proposed in the future.

– 40 years ago, March 31, 1972


Civic center, ice arena group to sell “bricks” this weekend

Both the mayor of Spring Lake Park, Don Masterson, and the mayor of Blaine, Fran Fogerty, have signed proclamations announcing a “buy a brick weekend,” April 3 and 4. The North Suburban Civic Center and Ice Arena committee members will be going door to door in the two communities over the weekend selling “buy a brick” buttons to help attain the financial goal for a proposed civic center and ice arena that will serve the area.

– 30 years ago, April 2, 1982


Overflow crowd attends District 16 hearing

Catcalls from the hallway prompted the District 16 School Board to switch rooms at Tuesday’s board session to accommodate an overflow crowd drawn by a budget hearing.

The board session, which began in the administration building, switched to the Fine Arts Center to make room for the crowd.

– 20 years ago, March 27, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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