Golf column: Take advantage of your game and get outside

As I sit down to write this column, I have the Masters on in the background.

The sun is shining and I am surrounded by my family. Not sure it could get much better.

Scott Roth, Head PGA Golf Professional,  Victory Links Golf Course
Scott Roth, Head PGA Golf Professional, Victory Links Golf Course

For those of us who love golf, it has been a tale of two springs. Last year was cold, snowy, wet and windy. Hundreds of courses in the Midwest had to deal with dead greens, fairways and tee boxes. This year (so far), has been one of the best on record: great temperatures, sunny skies and perfect conditions on the course.

I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming golf season since I was a kid.

I’ve even set a goal to play at least 200 holes this year. I think I’ve played about 200 holes over the past three years combined.

It has been easy to get caught up in the business end of golf and lose grip on the simple act of playing and enjoying the beauty of the course. Seems ironic, considering that is why I chose my profession in the first place. So far, I have played over 30 holes this season; slightly ahead of pace.

Do you have a goal for yourself this season?

Maybe it is to play more rounds, to play more holes, to have more fun or to spend more time with your family on the course?  I challenge you to set a goal for your golf season.

One way I plan on having more fun is to play from a closer set of tees than I have in the past few years. I think it is much more enjoyable to hit short irons into the greens as opposed to long irons or fairway woods. Heck, move up two sets of tees if you want. It is a great way to remove some of the stress the game can present and make it a truly enjoyable experience. This is the goal of the USGA and PGA’s current Tee It Forward campaign. Make it fun.

Most all of us need to get outside more and golf is a great reason to do just that. Take a look at the habits of the people in your house.

Are your family members glued to screens in the evenings and weekends? Do they spend much time outside? Are they interacting with anyone in person?

Try making a trip to the golf course part of your weekly routine. It can be a great family event.

In fact, I’m going to stop writing this now and go outside with my family.

Scott Roth is the Head PGA professional at Victory Links Golf Course in Blaine.

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