Coon Rapids council orders collector streets reconstruction

By unanimous vote April 3, the Coon Rapids City Council ordered its 2012 collector street projects and directed that plans and specifications be prepared.

Public/assessment hearings on the projects had taken place at the March 20 council meeting when no one appeared to object to the proposals, but with two councilmembers absent, there was not the necessary super majority (six affirmative votes) to give approval.

While benefiting properties are proposed to be assessed a fixed amount for the reconstruction work, the bulk of the project costs will be paid by the city from its state aid street account.

There are two projects, one in the west central part of Coon Rapids in the area of Northdale Boulevard, west of Crooked Lake Boulevard, with three streets to be reconstructed, and the other comprising five collector streets located in the south central part of the city. The estimate cost is $1.5 million

The west central area project includes 119th Avenue, from Blackfoot Street to Jonquil Street; Northdale Boulevard, west of Crooked Lake Boulevard to 124th Avenue; and 124th Avenue, west of Northdale Boulevard.

The south central area project covers Hanson Boulevard, south of Mississippi Boulevard; 99th Avenue, east of Hanson Boulevard; Egret Boulevard, north of 99th Avenue; 99th Avenue, west of Foley Boulevard; and Springbrook Drive, south of Holly Street. The estimated cost is $1.3 million.

The council is scheduled to award contracts for both projects at its May 15 meeting when the assessments will be approved with construction to start in early June and be completed in September.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]