Union Looking Back for April 20, 2012

County fair in September

The Anoka County Fair, that is to be held in Anoka this year, will probably be held the middle of September, or the week following the state fair. D. O. Mecklenberg of Cedar, is secretary, and is pretty busy making plans and getting the premium list ready.

The fair promises to be a big event. Prizes will be exceptionally attractive and liberal.

– 100 years ago, April 24, 1912


Club holds final meet of season

Members of the Philolectian enjoyed their final meeting of the club year and annual tea in Trinity parish house on Friday afternoon when 55 were in attendance.

Paul Doty, Douglas Franke and Earl Jacob brought in the colors with Douglas acting as bugler. The salute to the flag was given by all.

Mrs. L. O. Jacob presided at the business session and Mrs. Ronald Babcock read the minutes. Mrs. T. G. J. Pease, as federation secretary, reported the placed of the National Council in Tulsa, Okla.; the State Federation in Stillwater in October; the district in Excelesior in June, and the county in St. Francis in May.

– 75 years ago, April 21, 1937


Residents oppose plans for two rest homes

Plans to build two rest homes in Anoka were handed an unexpected setback Monday.

Opposing the construction of a $200,000 55 bed rest home on Madison and Jefferson at the east city limits are 26 residents living in the area.

They oppose the move, the City Commission was informed because they felt such a structure would increase traffic, thereby causing a danger to children playing in the dead-end street, objected to having a commercial enterprise in a residential area and thought the value of their homes would be affected.

– 50 years ago, April 20, 1962


Group wants to police park itself

A group that wants a place to “sit and talk all night: without being kicked out by police at 10 p.m. proposed a trial run Monday to police themselves and others.

Spokespersons Dale Lindberg and Dan Meyer told Anoka City Council the group, which numbered about 15 at the meeting, does not do the bar scene and does not seek fights or trouble, but wants a place to sit and talk.

– 25 years ago, April 24, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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