Life Looking Back for April 20, 2012

Long session for Blaine Council

During their marathon session Thursday, April 6, (which ended around 2:30 a.m.) Blaine Council members approved an ordinance regulating sauna operations in the city. The ordinance was prompted by illicit activities at the one sauna operating in the city, which led to two separate arrests and to date, one conviction.

Ordinance provisions require a $500 annual license fee, strict sanitation requirements, prohibiting anyone under 21 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and forcing a midnight closing.

– 40 years ago, April 14, 1972


SLP plans bigger, better summer school

Summer school will be offered in Spring Lake Park School District 16 following board action Tuesday approving the 1982 summer school proposed budget and funding sources.

With many area schools cutting back on summer school because of budget deficits and reduced state aids, Spring Lake Park District 16 will be offering even more programs than in previous years and plans are to take in students from other areas if they are interested with many programs being offered on a fee basis.

– 30 years ago, April 16, 1982


Softball: Park still needed the work

A late start to the outdoor portion of its season showed up recently in a pair of NorthSuburban games for the Spring Lake Park fast pitch softball season. Park was defeated 12-3 by Elk River in its opener and then lost 13-4 to Irondale.

Coach Joan Dauphinee said the weather and a couple other unrelated circumstances prevented the team from getting enough work in outside before the Elk River game.

– 20 years ago, April 10, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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