Overnight garage burglaries in Coon Rapids

Four overnight garage burglaries the night of April 11 in a Coon Rapids neighborhood are under investigation by the Coon Rapids Police Department.

Burglaries were reported by residents the morning of April 12 on the 400 block of 127th Avenue, 100 block of 126th Lane, 400 block of 127th Lane and 400 block of 126th Avenue.

In one case, an iPod and $600 in cash were stolen from a vehicle and in a second incident, an iPod was also reported stolen from a car in the garage.

A gas can and four cans of Mountain Dew were stolen from a third garage. Nothing was reported stolen in the other incident.

According to the police reports, there was no sign of forced entry in any of the cases, but no entry was made to the homes where residents were sleeping in any of the incidents.

Entry was made through an unlocked service door in one case and through the overhead garage door which had been left open overnight in another. A resident in another incident could not recall whether the garage door had been left open or not.

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