Golf Time: Golfing in Anoka County

I just finished a round of golf with my best friend, my brother and one of my four sons. Spending time with friends and family is just one of many reasons why I enjoy a day out on the course.

Jeff Tollette, Rum River Hills Golf Course
Jeff Tollette, Rum River Hills Golf Course

We are blessed to live in Anoka County where the golf courses are bountiful and beautiful. There are more than 10 courses to choose from and they offer a great experience for any skill level. The courses are spread out evenly throughout the county and I am sure there is one just around the corner from your house.

There is a misconception that golf is an expensive sport and it takes too long to play, this could not be farther from the truth.

Take for example that the typical course charges a $30 greens fee to play a round and it takes four hours to play, the net cost to play is $7 per hour. If you look at it in those terms it is comparable to bowling, a hockey game or even a movie and it is less expensive than attending a Twins baseball game which, including travel time, takes over five hours.

Golf also offers a beautiful setting to get some exercise. When you play a round you will walk over five miles and swing the club around 200 times (including practice swings). This will improve your health and well being and what a better place to exercise than surrounded by 18 beautiful holes and the surrounding wildlife.

I hope in some small way I enticed you to try a round of golf at one of the great courses in Anoka County. I can’t wait to play another round with friends and family.

Jeff Tollette is executive director of Rum River Hills Golf Course in Ramsey.