Ramsey council votes to create new city staff position to fill hole

With the departure of its deputy city administrator and economic development/marketing manager, the Ramsey City Council has decided to seek a management analyst.

The council voted 5-1 to do an internal recruitment for the position and eliminate the planning/management intern position.

Councilmember Jason Tossey was absent for the vote.

Among the management analyst’s duties will be assisting with planning and economic development activities; assisting in communicating with existing and prospective property owners/developers on economic development opportunities; attracting new commercial, industrial and office projects; coordinating with special projects, including research, analysis, presentation and recommendations; researching and preparing award and grant applications, proposals and presentations; serving as liaison with state, county and local officials to exchange information and coordinating activities associated with the position.

Councilmember Sarah Strommen said she voted no because a plan has not been fully developed on how the position and the redistribution of duties will fulfill the duties of the deputy city administrator and the economic development/marketing manager jobs.

“We have two key economic development positions vacant” and she is concerned with how the city is going to fulfill those duties, especially with economic needs in both The COR and the rest of the city, she said.

The city has not had the time to develop a full plan yet and she wants to make sure those functions are fulfilled, Strommen said.

While Councilmember David Elvig agrees with Strommen, he is supporting the position, he said.

City Administrator Kurt Ulrich is going to be taxed heavily with the absence of the deputy city administrator and the economic development/marking manager, Elvig said.

If the position is not created, it would leave Ulrich short-handed, he said.

The creation of the management analyst position is the best solution to the two vacant positions, which he would oppose filling, said Mayor Bob Ramsey.

The council could make a hiring decision April 24.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]