Letters to the editor for April 27, 2012

Generosity of donors

To the Editor:

All of us at the ACBC Food Shelf in Anoka want to thank our donors for their generosity during the March FoodShare Campaign.

This year 38,485 pounds of food and $81,443 were donated besting last year by over 19,000 pounds and dollars.

ACBC has already served 200 more families than last year at this time and we wouldn’t be able to meet this need without your help.

Last summer ACBC was awarded a check for $8,532.90 from Minnesota FoodShare and this match came during August when food shelf use is up and donations are typically down.

Our thanks for all you do to help the hungry.

ACBC Board of Directors


Who are the victims?

To the Editor:

I find it interesting the gay community constantly finds themselves the sole victim in our communities.

Their cries for justice and equality puzzles me knowing that the GSA – Gay Straight Alliance in Anoka-Hennepin will be receiving $500,000 in equity and harassment funding to further their causes for equality; that nets to $12,500.00 per student in our district. (Note – the GSA consent degree focuses solely on GSA issues and programs.)

On top of this spending, diversity programs within Anoka-Hennepin are in excess of $1,000,000 or $25,000-plus per student.

The pastor’s letter should open the eyes of Anoka-Hennepin citizens. (Letter to the Editor March 31)

As the pastor stated, his church and synod received countless calls or hate-filled e-mails.

Board member Tingelstad received threats and e-mails or calls of intimidation.

Minnesota Family Council member Barb Anderson is portrayed as the devil and her Christian faith demonized.

Gay activists harassed my daughter for believing in traditional marriage. My wife and I were hit with tomatoes and eggs after a conference supporting fathers and their importance in a child’s life. Gay activists called us “Neanderthals.”

Where is the Obama Department of Justice or the Office of Equal Rights when the gay community attacks pastors, churches, private citizens or individuals of faith?

When Christians or private citizens are harassed, bullied and oppressed, where are the gay activists, diversity advocates or liberal left-wingers who demand tolerance for their sexual practices?

To Mr. Kuehn and Southern Poverty Law Center, who are the victims?

Brian Tommerdahl


Egregious power grab

To the Editor

Last month the Anoka-Hennepin School District School Board agreed to settle the lawsuit brought against it by lawyers from the out-of-state Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

This settlement is an egregious power grab by the federal government in the guise of “improving” the district’s anti-bullying measures.

Ironically, prior to this lawsuit, District 11 was an acknowledged leader and model of anti-bullying policies in Minnesota.

My first concern is for the well-being and rights of all students.

Will the rights of students of faith and conscience now be bull-dozed by this federal takeover of our district with federal employees determining district policies for the next five years?

Will all students be required to say that homosexual behavior is good, even if that is contrary to their beliefs?

Will the personal privacy rights of all students now be obliterated by video cameras placed throughout the schools in “hot-spots,” while federally-encouraged student “monitoring” (read tattling or snitching) instills division and strife within the student population?

How counter-intuitive this is to anti-bullying efforts!

What will the settlement’s mandated “data-tracking” system look like?

Will students have their every word, gesture, and expression permanently recorded by the federal government – for who knows what purpose?

What ramifications will our children face due to these records being kept?

Will they face grade retribution by teachers, or have records placed in their academic files potentially affecting their college eligibility and/or job placement as part of this “data-tracking”?

Look no further: “Big Brother” is unmistakably alive and well in our Anoka-Hennepin School District, and he is terrifying.

Let’s question the legality of this power grab.

State and federal laws say that school districts are to be run by the voters within the district. It seems to me that this settlement is illegal and should be thrown out of court.

Finally, it should be noted that by signing the settlement, our school board effectively signed a blank check granting the federal government a five-year stranglehold on the policies of our district, affecting our children, at our expense!

This settlement includes enormous unfunded mandate costs for prescribed “counselors,” record-keeping and yet-to-be determined court costs.

A reasonable estimate puts the settlement-related costs to the district at $500,000 – $1,000,000 per year for the next five years.

When our district is closing schools to save approximately $500,000 a year each in operating costs, we can ill afford this additional expense.

I encourage all residents of the Anoka-Hennepin School District to read the lawsuit settlement which is posted on the school district’s website, and to contact their school board member and school principals about this matter.

Stephanie Schroeder

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