Golf tip of the week

Joshua Breen
Contributing writer

When we are just getting back into the swing of things from a long delay of winter, we need to realize that our body isn’t the same as it was six months ago, let alone six days ago. The muscles we use for golf swing haven’t been used on a regular basis for some time.

Get to the course early, stretch, hit a bucket of balls, warm up the body properly.

When you are done hitting the bucket swing 20 times from the opposite side and loosen up the follow through side. Try to stay in balance on the opposite side, take a second to hold the follow through and breath into the tightness. A good proper stretch will lower scores and keep the body flexible throughout the golf year. Plan on being at the course early for your tee-time and giving your body the time it needs to be loose for the sport you are about to play.

The Links at Northfork has three full length practice holes that are included with your green fee. If you allow yourself time to play theses holes before you can start your round it will allow your mind to get into the golfing state of mind even before you are on the first tee. The range and the golf course are different, you use different parts of your brain. If you can play a few holes before you play your actual round you will be loose, and in the golfing state of mind, and ready to shoot low numbers. Get to the course early.

Joshua Breen is the head golf pro at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey.